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Muggy Monday, 7.16.12 (Read 503 times)


    Hi all!


    Sorry I haven't kept up with posting/reading, but we had a busy weekend, and this week is also going to be non-stop.I can't wait to catch up on yesterday's races, but I'll have to wait.


    Yesterday's racewalking clinic with guest host Erin Taylor-Talcott (nationally-ranked racewalker) went great. We had newbies and experienced racewalkers, and everyone left knowing more and walking better than when they arrived. It was a well-spent morning.


    4.4 racewalking miles at 4:05am: 73F, wet from some overnight rain, and quite muggy. I also got some tips at yesterday's clinic, and worked on applying them this morning. It was hard work, but my splits were pretty good, and it felt good, so no complaints. Now, on with the day.


    Enjoy!  -  Jay

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      Good morning Jay!!  I have been having a hard time keeping up as well and it looks like a busy weekend for the Masters!!


      Wildchild and Posai certainly know how to celebrate their birthdays!!  Love knowing people with such active, healthy lifestyles!!  You are inspirational!!  Great pic of Tet and the women!!

      Tet - great marathon!!

      Ribs - sweet pace and AG award for your 15k!

      Holly is going to Equinox!!  woooooohooooo!!   My friend Kevin will be there as well - he came to the Masters meet up for Boston this year.


      We had a long day of traveling back home Saturday but it was an awesome vacation!!  Things seemed to stay under control at the homestead as well so I cant ask for anything more!


      Yesterday put in 19 miles on the bike then a 4 mile run that I was able to get a neighbor to join me on!!  Love having company on my run!


      Have a wonderful Monday my friends!!


      King of PhotoShop

        Thank you Denise.  Today wasn't as much fun.  1.1 slow miles, then a good stretch at the Y.  All packed and headed off to Pittsburgh.


        I put up the url for the running quiz here on the Masters site. My guess is more Masters runners who read the forums will have a better shot at getting all the answers.  The whole point of this is to beat my colleague in page views as we're having some fun competition.  She posted last week on Western States and it was a smash.  I figure everyone likes quizzes so this is my latest try.   Spareribs

          Thanks for starting us off, Jay.  Nice that you got to learn from an expert.


          Tet’s race report on his sub-6 was a wonderful read! Congrats!   Congrats to Mari’s sub-4, too!  And what a pair of wonderful photos!  Both classics.  Sounds like an excellent day all around.


          Another storm, another power outage for us last night.  Fortunately, it only lasted about 12 hours this time and the AC’s back up for some hot weather today.  Easy 5 this morning.

            Feelings, nothing more than feelings,

            Feelings, wo-o-o feelings,


            No rational explanation.  I just "feel" out of it today.  I ran a few miles just to try and kick start the day.  Didn't help too much.  Now at work trying to balance the daily grind with the start of a new major project.  New boss is coming off as a little too controlling but I'll see if he eases up as he learns the ropes. 


            Great news from the tunnel run.  Some great finish times and goals being met.  Good pictures too.


            Ribs, your quiz is much too difficult for me.  I don't think I know any of it.  I don't remember anything from 1976 let alone who won the marathon.

            And so it goes

            Back on Stride

              Everyone sluggish today? It's certainly the time of year for it!

              Tramps, my solution to power outages is spelled G-e-n-e-r-a-c.


              I ran 6.25 with a friend on a shaded trail to try to beat the heat, which we did. Nothing much more to report on that. No particular residuals from the long bike ride on Saturday either.


              Have a good start to your work weeks, everyone!

              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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                 I don't remember anything from 1976 let alone who won the marathon.


                1976...I was 11....I got my first job, a paper route.....


                No run for me today, just 30 minutes or so of light weights.


                Happy Monday!

                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                  What a great race for Tet and Mariposai! Some interesting runs and races over the weekend for many of you.  And Holly is going to run Equinox!


                  I did my own mini-Equinox on Saturday.  One of the hiking trails - I decided to run it!  1000ft elevation gained from about mile 0.5 to mile 2 (4.8 miles in total, big deal, I know).  I walked pretty much all the climbing part, and only stopped once.  Last time I did this, I had to stop about 3-4 times.  I ran the downhill second section as much as I could, but sometimes had to walk there too.  The last mile was all flat and I felt like I was flying in comparision!  I love trail running!


                  Next moring I walked down the stairs, oh, oh oh, boy did that hurt, I suddenly knew what you are all talking about saying downhill running trashes your quads.  This morning too, it was brutal so I have missed two days of runs because of that trail, but it was worth it.  MIssed my mileage goal for the week but am still on track for my monthly mileage goal.

                  "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                  Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

                    So much going on around here, I won't even try to comment.   We did get away for a long weekend of camping, dune climbing and winery visits which was wonderful.


                    We are moving my mom into Assited Living a week from Wednesday.   My sister and I told her the date yesterday and although it seems fast (especially to her) it is better than sitting around thinking about it.   She promised she won't hold on to the door frame as we take her out the door.   She is doing quite well, but admits she needs the help.  


                    No running for me yet.   Tomorrow I will run, even if it is a short run.


                    On a fun note - I have baby Koi!!!   I still can't believe it and my pond people are absolutely amazed!!  For not knowing what I am doing, I must be doing something right.   I'm going to try and take a picture when feeding the adults tonight.  All of a sudden all the babies come out from under the lillies and plants and try to eat too - they are so cute!!     Orange, white, blue combinations.   Fun stuff.....


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                    It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."



                      I am finally back.  With the scabs gone from my scrapes from my fall while running a few weeks ago I figured my avatar no longer needed to be in zombie mode.  One happy avatar it is!  But, it is in serious danger as Mariposai convinced me to download another zombie running app for my phone.  This one is called Zombies, Run!  The one I already had was Zombie, Run!  See the difference?  Confused  (Well there is, just look really closely!)  Man these developers need to get some in house creative people to handle their app names!


                      Back but no running for me today seeing as how I "ran" yesterday.  Ran is really not a good description for what I did.  Shamble in a jet lagged induced state is more like it.  How does tetsujin209 go from the U.S. to Asia and handle the time change the way I would handle a train ride!  I had a six hour shift to deal with and it knocked me out for days on the way out and is going on day two on the way back.


                      Last but not least congratulations to the tunnel crew of Mariposai, tetsujin209 and Dove!


                      MTA:  Because spilling kounts.

                      Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                      Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                        This one is called Zombies, Run!  The one I already had was Zombie, Run!  Se the difference?  Confused  (Well there is, just look really closely!)  Man these developers need to get some in house creative people to handle their app names!


                         I suggest "Run, Zombies!"


                        I'm available for hire as a creative consultant.

                        The Goofinator

                          It sounds like yesterday's marathon crew had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories.


                          Erika - Sounds like your leg is doing better.  Keeping fingers crossed it stays that way.


                          1976 - I was 10.  And I think that was the year we got our first VHS player and my dad recorded all of the Olympics.  Did we ever watch them again?  No.  Can't remember how long those tapes sat on the shelf before my mom 86-'d 'em.


                          Rest day for  me.  Seriously contemplated taking a "mental" sick day as I'm just plain ole pooped.  However, I sucked it up and am happy the  morning went by as fast as it did.

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                            1976...I was 11....I got my first job, a paper route.....



                            A paper route?! Holy crap! I had my first baby in 1976 Shocked


                            Baby koi - how cool. Pictures please Mary! Good luck moving your mother. Hopefully she'll adjust quickly.


                            Congrats to Mariposai, Dove, Ribs and the man of the hour, Tet.  We KNEW you could do it!  This masters group did us proud last weekend. The pictures looked like everyone had a great meetup.


                            Welcome back to the real world of gainful employment Deez and Twocat.  Sounds like you had great vacations.


                            It's been hotter than #@** here the last week so I opted for the AC at the Y this morning. 5 miles on the eliptical followed with some free weights and core work. We've had almost 20 days of 90+ temps here, which is a new record. And no rain. I was talking to one of the vendors at farmer's market last Saturday and he said he was lucky to have an irrigation system, but one pass over his fields leaving just 1/2 inch of water costs him $860. Many of the farmers here are starting to just plow their crops under. This has been an unbelievable summer. The computers for the air conditioning at the school I work overheated and went down so we had no AC until late morning. It was like an oven in that building! And then when I came out of work this afternoon and got in my car, the thermometer said 104°. It never went down at all on the trip home.


                            Hope everyone is staying cool.

                              Further behind here than most, so I'll just jump back in. We've been away dealing with serious health issues amongst family near and far--including lots of ER time over the weekend with Super Granny. Running, running, running even so and it's a sanity-saver even if I have to take a butter knife along to cut through the air. 


                              Anyway...4 easy miles this am to recover from some intense weekend runs. roar.


                              !976! The Bicentennial and I was 11 going on 12 at the time of the Olympics that summer. Trick Question that marathon question, eh? The true gold medal winner or the one who received it at the time? Wink  We were about to head to Amsterdam for the year while my father was on sabbatical, but not before we watched the Olympics. with noses pressed against the little SONY black and white TV. Big doings in our house and the whole reason we even got a TV back in 1972 was to watch the Olympics.  It's been that way ever thus for me-----adrenaline rush and all.


                              Work has also been quite busy, but I am taking time off as much as I can to watch the 2012 version.


                              Greetings all and onward...


                              Congrats to Tet, Maraposai, Dove, and SRL....impressive!

                              Marathon Maniac #957

                                {{{Super Granny}}}

                                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."