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Wednesday November 28 Chilly Runs (Read 389 times)


    Mari - I'm not really training for anything per 'se. I have a trail marathon this weekend and several HM in the spring. I need to just return to condition and work on stress relief. Hopefully some weight loss will come along too.


    CNY ---- Columbus? I'm in. I will need to juggle the kids soccer schedule. Only an hour and a half from home. Let me know. Holly - not too far from Dayton!

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      CNY, I'm not one to suggest that the 2 lb. thing is a "rule" but it is a decent measure for the very fast marathoner. Of course you are way under.  My RP is 5' 8" and 122 lbs. so she's fine too.  OTOH, there are many very fast marathoners who weigh significantly more than that ratio.


      Sorry about that cold Holly and congrats on the 2,000 miles.  And so thrilled to needle you about the hill near your house!


      Marj, I was so happy to see that statistic about 8 miles an hour. I think that's a 7:30 pace and I don't come near that in a fiveK any more, although I do run more than the 25 mile week guideline.  Amazing these new studies every month or so.  Next thing you know they'll tell us saliva causes stomach cancer.


      Glad you got an answer Dave. Get well.


      RP nagged me to do a bertha workout to prep for my hilly December half, so we left the dirt trail and went over to a neighborhood that had a couple of bertha of about 1/4 mile and did 6 x 1/4 berthas, total 6 miles of running.  So it was 40 when we started, and she's all bundled up and as we finished the workout, what is she doing but tying her jacket around her waist!


      I said, "You can't run with me like that. What if someone sees me with you?"  That woman has no consideration. Spareribs

        I just realized that I passed the 2000-mile mark at the Monkey. Pretty cool.




        I must have missed that marker...I didn't see it but I saw plenty of markers that said "Idiot".

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          No running for me today. Count me in as one of those who are sick, but not as bad as some of your folks. The four of us in the family who enjoyed Thanksgiving together got it.


           And you invited me,  thanks a lot!!!.

          just kidding of course  hope you all heal quickly.


          and Mari,  thanks so much for starting the invite thread.  I will post to it when I have a little more time,  hopefully later today.  I just got off work and I need to get some sleep now.  I am working in Edmonds for at least the first three days this week,  11.5 hour shift and a 1 hour commute in rush hour commute each way.  As my schedules go, it's not too bad.


          Piwikiwi.  we need to talk Wink  in what part of the land of Kiwi do you live?  (I will ask the same question on the invite thread if you miss it here.   about 25 years ago I did a lap of New Zealand on a mountain bike.   I did a loop of the north Island (Auckland to bay of islands back down to Wellington.  then the South island - Nelson through Able Tasman park Down Westland to Invercargil, and back up to Christ Church ( and every road on Stewart Island in between)  It was a legendary trip, but I bet it has all changed a bit in the last 25 years or so.


          Oh Yeah,  and those of you talking about gloves,  I really like these and they are great for most of the "Seattle cold weather"  but for the seriously cold that many of you are talking about,  they would not work at all

          180S gloves

          delicate flower


            Great running Baboon. What are you training for? Those 10x 1/2 mile at HMP looks great.



            Thanks!  I'm just working on my speed while trying to keep the mileage up.  I've spent most of the year running a lot of slow miles while building up my base and endurance.  Now I'm trying to get a little faster.  I am thinking about the spring 5K, 10K, and HM races. 


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              Hi All - Intermittent lurker here, trying to be a bit more social since meeting some of you a couple weekends ago in Tennessee.  My run will have to wait until later tonight - Wednesday night is one of my local club's weekly runs, and we have pizza & beer afterward so I try not to miss it.  Planning to do a shorter distance, like 3-4 miles (they go up to 8).  Hopefully it won't be too cold out there tonight!


              Looking forward to being a more regular contributor here!

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                I must have missed that marker...I didn't see it but I saw plenty of markers that said "Idiot".


                I'm now kicking myself for not stopping and taking a picture of that which-way-do-we-go??? sign at the bottom of that last little turnaround (forget what number mile that was). That was the best race direction sign evah!


                Still in my PJs today, but getting things done in the house. I dunno, just feeling really tired lately. Maybe that double marathon thing is finally catching up with me? I took off Sunday, so I guess talking today off today too isn't that bad of a crime...


                Oh, and I keep meaning to give a shoutout to Karin, welcome back! I've missed your posts here Smile


                I've signed up for a couple trail races, don't remember if I mentioned that here at all. Here's to uncharted territory!


                MTA: Thanks for that article about old fast people racing, Marj. Like Ribs, I'm relieved to know I'm safe because I'm slow. Wink


                  Hi all. Sorry I am not very good at personals as I possess a dinosaur phone that takes forever to access from but when I do get an upgrade I will try.

                  I am here to report that I did run today, 5 slow miles (duh, of course they were). They were NOT on Bertha. She wore me out yesterday. So I took it to the flat trails (similar to a rails to trails kind of deal) and did manage to spot three deer spying on me. I haven't been on trails too often in the last two years but need to get back to them since I registered for that 50k trail race in October (don't allow me near a computer with a credit card while I have been drinking). And that trail race has a CUTOFF LIMIT. And that cutoff limit is not quite within my capability. YET. So I have alot of work to do.


                  I am honoured that I inadvertently gave a new name to hills. LOL.   Most everyone who knows me knows of my nemesis, Bertha.


                  *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                    Big hugs to you C-R and your wife.


                    Glad the procedure went well Dave.

                    I got a flu shot in October, so I hope I'm safe for awhile.


                    5 sproinky miles under a misty moon.  Headlamp on the entire time.  I would have done 6, but this calf of mine started to tighten up.  I have no idea why this keeps happening, other than I seem to run more forefoot on that foot than I used to.  It changed abruptly about 2 years ago (I think due to lower profile shoes) and my muscles have still not gotten used to it.


                    These are the gloves I wear, and I love em.  Very soft and warm, but not for extreme temps.  Pricey, but I've had them for at least 3 years and washed them tons.



                    "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

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                      Headlamp on the entire time.

                      NIGHT LIGHTS <<<(jay/jeanne)>>>.
                      it’s a joy to run lightless with reflective gear in the moon and starlight, even when cloudy, and still be ready to take defensive/preventative action as necessary.  However, if you have to run at night and have to run on roads with traffic, as we’ve learned over-and-over again, most recently from Leslie-land, road running in the dark is so dangerous, life-threatening and can be fatal, it would seem to be worthwhile to at least carry a hand lamp that could be turned on-and-off in the presence of vehicles.  Please. Plus a cell phone. Thank you.
                      MONKEY SIGNS
                      When the Yakima River Canyon Marathon was on April Fool’s day some years ago a “200 meters to the top” sign was about 3/4 of the way up the famed Rosa Hill at mile 23. Two hundred meters up from the sign was an “April Fools!!!!” sign with arrow pointing around the corner to the real top.   The ridiculously hilly 1.93 mile loop of the Carkeek 12-hour Run has only 0.5 miles of flats but plenty of monkey-like signs too reminding us “You are having FUN!!”, etc.  No wonder running is so much fun.
                      ps bertha. You are doing too fine in not being annoying yet.
                      However, have you ever had tendonitis?

                      hint: no matter what, say, "no."



                      ps jeanne - what's this from your profile?


                      Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."

                      T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


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                        . . .  every time I start to doze off, the tile guy in the bathroom upstairs starts pounding.  


                        Sorry, Dave, but that made me giggle.  I'm glad things came out (no pun intended) well for you and now you know what you're dealing with.


                        RW Refugees - Don't believe anything some guy in a yellow shirt named Ribs says.  And don't worry if you don't understand another young barefoot dude who goes by the name of Tet.  Stay away from these two - eh hem - gentlemen.  Far . . . far away.  (In my best Forrest Gump voice) And that's all I have to say about that.


                        Holly - Hope you feel better soon.  Considering my boss' children are around here all the time and are like little petri dishes of diseases, I've been lucky (knocking on wood).  And congrats on the 2000 miles!  (Loved Carolyn's comment.)


                        C-R - Is Reynauds where your fingers turn white?  Luckily, I usually just have one finger at a time that does that, but there seems to be no real rhyme or reason as to when it hits.  Obviously, it's after I'm running and when my hands have gotten cold, but there have been times when it hits like an hour after I'm done running and I'm driving to work.  Weird.


                        8 rainy, windy miles this a.m. for me, with 8x100m strides thrown in at the end.  By the time I got home, I was soaked, cold, and pooped, but felt good.

                        We’re suppose to be getting a butt load (that's for Holly) of rain for the next few days with the heaviest rains and possibly flooding coming Saturday.  Should make for a muddy trail run, wherever I end up going.  Fun stuff!

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                          Worsening cold has me talking in a whisper.


                          Same cold/cough has hit me also. I got in a nice run last night and it was the best I've felt since getting home from Nashville. So, this morning I made it in to the gym and got a nice 1650 meter swim in. 


                          Have a great day.



                            ...ok, back in from 30-min bike ride (lowest gear settings) and 28min poolrun.





                            the UPS  Driver has been paid to Assainate me.


                            he started up

                            as I took off cycling, pulled  out in front of me

                            (I needed

                            to practice Braking anyway,


                            Swearing comes Naturally to me)



                            I crossed into another neighborhood he caught me at a 4-way stop

                            and I had to wave him thru before turning off.


                            on the way

                            back into MY neighborhood,


                            there he was again,,,,,,swerved into my lane and just parked that sucker



                            what do UPS Driver drive like in their CARS??????


                            will be

                            checking later today

                            to see if Pickles has upped  my Life Insurance Policy


                            my only


                            is that with Flashing fore and aft lights,

                            a DayGloVest,

                            and white helmet

                            he can't say he didn't SEE me.



                            ..................good running guys................I will also be watching out for Pizza Delivery Cars.......

                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                            Back on Stride

                              TW, when we were in a road section on the big bike trip that I took last June, a FedEx driver buzzed a couple of us very close (inches to spare) with no reason on a two-lane road with no other traffic. To add to it, a couple miles down the road he did it again (must have pulled off to make a delivery in between). I actually wrote to FedEx about it but just got back a non-committal corporate-speak response. And NBC News did a story last weekend about bicyclists subjected to road-rage incidents by motorists -- usually pickup trucks involved.


                              Holly, 2000 miles is about 4 years of running for me!


                              Never any Berthas on a rail-trail, so it was a smooth-sailing 6 miles this morning in a quartet of seniors. It was another nice day, with the temperature only about 30 but bright sunshine in the clear skies.


                              Keep the faith, everyone!

                              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                                NOT HELPING///////

                                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....