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Startup Saturday (Read 313 times)


    What. I'm the first one in the door. Must be lots of racing today.


    DS1 and I ran 5 this morning here at Disney. Awesome run. Now all I need to do is get DS2 with us tomorrow.


    Have a great one everyone. 

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      Hey Norm ! Have Fun!


      Ran a 4 mile recovery run. Below freezing, crystal clear skies...LOTS of meteors. Plan only called for 4, I have a hard long run scheduled for tomorrow but I would have liked to have gone on for more this morning.


      At work today...leaves (or is it leafs?) are piling up in the yard and I'm scheduled to be in St Louis all next week. Sad 


      That makes training a challange, doubles the work load here and puts me behind on the house work at home. I never have liked traveling.


      My Grandma said they are "Leafs" if they are in the tree. Once they hit the ground they became "Leaves"


      Great weekend everybody!

        5.31 very slow miles for me this morning.  I was kind of tired and just walked some of it.  No reason really.  Too wet today to do much yard stuff and leaf clean-up even if that was still my plan.  I am going to do some work, watch some football, and read a little.  I just hope I don't overwhelm my adrenal glands. 

        And so it goes

          Starr—good luck to your Mom.  Glad to see you’re getting good advice here.

          Tammy—sounds like your DS is off to a great start in running! (Interesting comments about the different “crowds”.

          Erika—I have a different problem.  Once I start ramping up the miles, I’m always hungry and quickly realize that my appetite outpaces my mileage.  That’s when I gain weight.  In low mileage periods, I tend to lose a couple of pounds.  Go figure.


          Another awesome autumn day.  Leaves are really beginning to change now and the rising sun was lighting them up nicely.  Sweet 16 today.

            A beautiful run for the second morning in a row here in St. Louis. A leafy neighborhood near the hotel, Lafayette Square, one of those historic districts making a comeback. The colors are amazing! Lots of gray squirrels, different from ours...I must not be a very good Marathon Maniac or Half Fanatic because I didn't even know the RnR Marathon people are bringing their sordid show to town tomorrow. Heading home now and too bad the Cardinals have to play in SF.

            "This is my approach as both athlete and coach: (quoting Steve Magness) Even if the training is perfect, if you don't buy into it, you will not run fast.  Chase Consistency, Not Perfection."  Neely Spence Gracey


            Rose Colored Glasses

              Hi All!


              Me, too, me, too!  I look forward to following David throughout his running career! My kids done growed up!







              14 miles of darkness turned to lightness. 


              Be well!

                4 easy peasy miles under threatening skies. Didn't get wet though...Going to a wedding on a boat tonight...I have been told to be on my best behavior, and not play Capt. Morgan...

                Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                  Happy Saturday, gang!

                  Rosie, way to go with your 14 miler!

                  Lyndenrunner, you are so funny1 Have fun at the wedding.

                  C-R, how old are your kids. Disney is a fun!



                  I decided to gift myself with a lazy morning today before I  start getting the house ready and  start cooking for our annual Posie Family Fall Food Fest, which is today. It seems like we will have a splendid day for the party, which is great because I was hoping we can have the meal on our deck, the last one of the season most likely.


                  Go racers go!!!!


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                  10/21 Sarge - Youngstown Peace Race  10K  Youngstown OH

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                    ......aaaarrrrrrr lyndenrunner//............No Quarter///////



                    ............28min poolrun


                    and PT stuff


                    ....................good running guys

                    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                      You folks always make me smile....Smile


                      This is the first weekend in I-don't-know-how-long that we have NOTHING planned, NO OBLIGATIONS!  So, I slept in till 7, puttered around the house and eventually ran an easy-paced 6 miles on the TM since it was raining steadily, and then spent a lot of time cleaning the house and doing laundry.  Quite satisfiying.  Now I'm off to grill a London broil that has been languishing in my favorite marinade since last night, and will head off to church with the kids.


                      Happy Saturday!

                      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                        Holly, mind sharing that marinade sauce? BTW, you are amazing lady! Look at all you did and still call it "easy day"


                        6 easy miles up Kermel grade and now it is time to put the ribs on the grill and the pumpkin stew in the oven. Lovely sunny weather here, one of those fall weather afternoon  that makes me want to scream for joy.


                        Go racers to!!!!

                        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                        Trails are hard!

                          No run for me today (or the vast majority of last week ), but a lot of cross training up in maine to pull dock and raft and put away boats for the winter.  tomorrow morning we put up shutters, empty the fridge, and drain the water.  always sad--this is the one of the nicest times up here.


                          then driving home to pack for yet another 2 week stay in NC.  This MIGHT be the last one for a while.  But I'm not getting my hopes up.


                          Happy weekend to all.

                          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.



                            we ran to the Head of the Charles, watched some scullers racing - they were awesome - and came home to do the usual household stuff.  doesn't feel like fall with temps in the 70's and sun.


                            hope all the racers did super and had fun and everyone's out enjoying the w/e - and for you retirees just another day with more people around....



                            The Goofinator

                              Going to a wedding on a boat tonight...I have been told to be on my best behavior, and not play Capt. Morgan...


                              But they didn't say anything about drinking Capt. Morgan . . . . .


                              I haven't had a chance to look at yesterday's thread - heck, these days I rarely get to look at any of the daily - I definitely know I'd like to be having dinner at either Holly's or Posie Lady's tonight. Smile


                              I have today and tomorrow, then it's back to running again Monday.  The time off has been nice.  This morning, we tackled brick planter contraption in front of the house that I have hated ever since we bought the place almost 15 years ago.  My boss was going to take the brick and concrete and dump it on parts of their ranch for fill, but when I called her this morning, he husband decided he didn't want it.  That sucked 'cause it was freaking expensive to take to the dump (over 1 ton of brick and concrete-so much for our budget), but I'm so happy it's gone!!


                              Before, including pre-painting:


                              After paint (but just the body, no trim or door done yet):



                              And now no planter box (but still no trim or new door paint, either. Got a ways to go re the painting.):


                              See the screen on the right-hand side?  Thank you, cats.  A couple of weeks ago, I was putting on the primer, the window was open, and Wilson was sitting on the ledge inside with his head sticking out the screen watching me. Roll eyes

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                              Trail Runner Nation

                                Love your house Leslie and such a dramatic improvement with the coloring also. real nice!


                                just returned for a very short 2.5 mile trail run with the dogs. got really behind on laundry and other housechores this week, so today is catch up day. Leaving in about an hour to have dinner at my parents and get David, who spent the night there. Must be home by 7:30 (per david's instructions) to watch the Beavers - hoping to go 6-0.