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Is it Monday again? (Read 47 times)

    ...I agree with Burger on the music.......


    Ribbs on TheCheese.......



    with dave59 In General.......

    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        And at the same time, is it me, or are we just getting trashier and cheesier as Americans that we demand this other sort of junk to amuse us?


      I was wondering the same thing.

      Paul Harvey's voice and the pictures also grabbed my heart.

      "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard


        Paul Harvey's voice and the pictures also grabbed my heart.

        As a kid, I used to enjoy him, too. But I later learned of his less-than-stellar track record telling the truth.  And was further saddened by this type of commentary, late in his career.

          What is GoDaddy thinking with those commercials?  Out of the first 17 posts here 2 mention them by name.  Dodge, Oreo, Audi, Huyndai got one mention each.  Other commercials were mentioned but not the product they were promoting.


          This came over benzinga today from GoDaddy:


          This year's Super Bowl commercials are an unprecedented business success for the world's largest Web host and domain name provider Its two 30-second ads drove tremendous buzz and business, giving Go Daddy its most successful Super Bowl Sunday ever. Last night's ads delivered more new customers and more overall sales, as compared to any other Super Bowl campaign in the company's history.


          To which the release finished with:


          Go Daddy is the world's largest domain name provider, Web hosting provider and new SSL certificate provider, focused on helping small businesses grow larger. Go Daddy provides dozens of cloud-based services and is the largest worldwide mass-market hosting provider by annual revenue according to 451 Research (Mass-Market Hosting Report-Fall 2012) and is the #1 provider of net-new SSL certificates for 2012, according to the Netcraft, LTD Secure Server Survey. To learn more about the company, visit

          Read more:


          Now, do you really have to ask what GoDaddy is thinking?

          Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

          Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

            went out for a RAL. It was still foggy and cold to start. Plan was 5, but by about the time I was almost done (3/4 mile left), enough fog burned off that I could faintly see a shadow on the ground and an orb in the sky. So, I had to keep going. Ended up with 6 today with the last mile under partial sun.

            6 miles, 55:23, for a 9.13 average.


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              Soak up that sunshine however you can get it, Tammy. I had about three minutes' worth during my run late this morning, and I made sure to let my skin drink it in.


              Don't know if this is a new one or not, but it made me giggle:

                Hey all just popping in real quick to say hi and post my run for today.  Monday's are my usual days off however, I have a family committment tomorrow (oldest granddaughter has a baskeball game and we have to travel quite a ways to get to it) so I did a very easy 9 miles in cool temps of mid twenties and a very strong wind.  1:34:49 (10:31) boy am I beat!


                As for the game not much of a game in my opinion, poorly played by SF in the first half - halftime show really wasn't very good at all - then the black out - and then SF comes storming back only to choke at the 5 yard line with 1st and goal - horrible play calling - let's not blame it on the refs.  In the end the Raven's defense held when it had to, the old adage they bend but they don't break held true!  I'll refrain from watching much sports news for awhile as I don't want to see any of the Ray Lewis crap, already tired of that.



                  Twocat, very interesting link! BTW, great running this morning.

                  OrangeMat, I am so impressed with your level of running now-days! You go girl!!!


                  and then came the M&M "Love Ballad" commercial.



                  "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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                    Hello everybody!


                    I was stuck bowling for the 1st half of the game and, luckily, the blackout allowed me to get home and watch the second half....which was, actually exciting. I went back and forth as to who I wanted to win.  I have to admit, I was shocked that Baltimore scored so many points.


                    I did 6.2 miles in 44:50...with Ryan!  I'm not sure if I've ever told you how much I love running with Ryan.  We just go out and have a great time.  I was sorry when we were done.  He loves to write and he was telling me about how he's writing an article about winter running for some magazine up in International Falls.  He's an English major and I've always wondered what he was going to do with that when he graduated. I don't know the process of sending articles to magazines, but I'm going to encourage him to do that.  He has a very cool style of writing...very easy to read...throws a little humor in...I love reading his stuff.  I'm kind of proud of that kid.


                    So...I'm having a problem with how this forum is formatted on my computer.  It's like how tet described it a few days ago.  I just figured it would correct itself, but it hasn't and it's driving me nuts.  Somebody mentioned a "split screen" something or other...not sure what that is, but I cannot figure out how to correct.  Here, it kind of looks like this...




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                    Is it Monday again?


                    Okay--I gotta go.  See ya!

                    Trails are hard!

                      Mike--took me a while to find a picture of it, but this is what got my forum list to display properly


                      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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                        Mike - that's exactly what mine's been doing since you first mentioned it the other day.  Consistent with my slow running, it takes lots of time with my slow dial-up to scroll down through the stickies to pull up a daily so I'm taking advantage of the faster library sistems I use for other purposes almost ever day, or late at night.


                        i wonder if it's 'cause I like the ads enough so haven't paid the $10 contribution fee.

                        when I posted in response to wildchild's comments on the lost passport sometime ago, i got all sorts of passport / visa / etc. ads that I didn't mind at the time. Too bad there isn't a cookie or whatever might trigger goddesses ads.


                        Hey posie, that looks like a great schedule.

                        I hope the Windemere course has been figured out..

                        Have fun with DS1.

                        Is he still thinking about L-at-the-end-of-the-Tunnel Marathon with everyone else?
                        Especially since Sunflower sounds like so much fun you might like a little run like it too up some ridges, etc. along the White River at the end of July sometime.  Maybe it can be next year's PNW Reunion Run after LateotT t his year.

                        Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                        T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


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                          Mike--took me a while to find a picture of it, but this is what got my forum list to display properly



                          I am not finding that at all up there.  I'll try again, tomorrow.  Thanks!

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                            Too bad there isn't a cookie or whatever might trigger goddesses ads.

                            Umm...yeah...there might be something that triggers those...

                            MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                              thanks stumps.

                              nothing to the l eft of my url except "address."

                              the only thing to the right of my URL is an arrow with "go" next to it and a space for "internet search"

                              Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                              T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."



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                                6 miles today....(to and from work)


                                Marj, Twocat, OM and Maine.....Nice 9 milers you guys!


                                Ribs - Joey has a nice smile


                                Tammy - I'm glad the orb came out!  Nice run


                                I didn't watch the game, I was working.....but did you know that Canadians don't get all your commercials?  They filter them with ours.