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Wow! I'm Starting the Daily Again? Sunday! Where is Everybody? (Read 357 times)

    I broke my time off streak where I stopped doing any exercise that required standing to run 10 today. If the ankle feels fine tomorrow I can finally resume training for my marathon on the 21. I am thinking of deep sixing the taper. Any views on if that is or is not better than being short on distance this close to the race?

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      ..GoodThinking twokat//



      those same lines,

       I have decided

       to bagg the Sunday Run if I'm hurting, and goto a poolrun that afternoon


      This CommonSense Stuff could catch on.

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


        Mornin' Twocat, TomW, and all who may follow.


        Congrats on getting 10 today, TC. I'm no expert on tapers, but I would think that racing a marathon on fresh legs might be more important than getting in an extra long run too close to race day. That also depends on how long "long" is. Sorry, I can't help with iPad formatting, as I always post from my laptop.


        TomW - Unfortunately, my perspective is that our local and national politicians (not necessarily most of our citizens and those on this forum), have yet to exhibit an ability to do the "common sense" thing all that well. Maybe we'll all get better at it if we practice it more.


        I left at 6:45 this morning to drive to Portsmouth and get a workout in before this morning's racewalking training session. It was 54F and dry when I left, but it had evolved into a steady light drizzle in the 15-20 minutes it took me to arrive at Portsmouth HS. None-the-less, I headed out to do the New Castle loop (New Castle is an island off Portsmouth harbor, connected to the mainland by a bridge on one end, and a causeway on the other). I crossed the Sagamore Creek bridge (metal grate) on the way to New Castle, and went down with my first step on the slippery metal surface. Fortunately, I stopped my fall with my hand instead of my face, so I got upright and walked more slowly and carefully the rest of the way across the bridge. The rest of the workout went without incident, and I finished the 7.4 miles thoroughly soaked, but with a respectable pace. There were 3 people who showed up for the training session, despite the then steady rain. However, I convinced them (it didn't take much...) that going out for coffee and a chat would be more pleasant that doing training on the track. So that's what we did.


        I got home as the last of the slower walkers in the Smuttynose half marathon were at about mile 7, and as the lead runner in the marathon (two loops of the half course) came by those walkers. I felt bad for Marj, her DD, Lamerunner, and CNY for having to race in the rain that wasn't supposed to be here till mid afternoon. But I hope they all had good races, and had dry clothes to change into afterwards.


        Enjoy!  -  Jay

        Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

          Let's see how this works.

          Last day here, we leave for home this afternoon. Am undecided on a run today...

          Thanks Twokitty! It's a PITA but it works!

            Twocat IMO do not try to make up for lost time, keep the taper very short and you should be alright.


            Keep it movin' tw and it would be nice if common sense was contagious


            Jay I'm glad you were able to save face on your fall


            10k race yesterday in 49:28, about 40 seconds short of my goal. It was only my 3rd 10k ever, 1st was 16 yrs ago w/41:51

            then 5 years ago in 50:05 so this was my Grandmaster PR. .

            Actually won my age group *** 2 ahead me got Masters awards*** lol.   Got another 10k in 3 weeks which is my target race w/goal of 47:30minutes so I need to improve by 2 minutes  (yikes) but the course is a little faster.


            Have a Great Day!!!    

            Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

            King of PhotoShop

              Well done Sarge.


              Tselbs comment about the eye drops makes perfect sense to me.  For years, when I am on the road, I do my morning run wearing glasses, as it's at 5 a.m. and I know I am going to be wearing contacts for the rest of the day. I run really slowly, and could never figure it out. At one point I thought my Garmin was broken?  I finally realized I run slower in glasses than in contacts.  in the dark and wearing bifocals I'm a bit more careful about my pace and foot plant, so I slow down. I know it sounds stupid, but that's what happens.


              5 easy miles at the Lake this morning. I never did race this weekend, but going to my son's meet yesterday took precedence.  i probably needed the rest, as I have raced the last two weekends, so I was due.  Spareribs


                drip, drip. finished the half, but was so cold, we didn't get any goodies, but went straight to the car and home for hot chocolate and coffee.  according to the weather people, the rain was supposed to start at 1, but the rains didn't hear that.  At mile 1, I gave henrun my glasses and ran 'blind'.  DD and I did fine, no PR, but both ran good races.  We never saw cny or lame, but everyone was huddled.  thought of you jay as we ran the last 4 miles along the shore.


                jay - glad the face plant was minor and sarge 'congrats!



                Marathon Maniac #957

                  Twocat - I agree with Sarge and Jay.


                  TomWhite - enough of that CommonSense stuff - we'll hear none of that around here!  This is a running forum after all.....Wink


                  Sarge - nice racing!


                  Ribs - I have never run in my glasses, but they correct my vision so much better than my contacts, I might run better in them.  Of course, I've simply gotten accustomed to the fact that I can't see worth a darn any more in the low light of early morning, so I just run in the middle of the road and hope I don't hit a pothole...


                  Erika - if anyone here deserves a little sunshine before they head into winter, it's you.  Smile


                  Marj - tough doing a long race like that in the rain.  Hope the hot chocolate warmed you up (and a hot bath, too).


                  Stunningly beautiful early fall day today.  Where I run, there's a place where the river path veers inland slightly, passing a wide expanse of farmland bordered by woods.  As I ran by today, the early morning sun was slanting sideways across the immense field dotted with numerous large round bundles of hay, the dew sparkling on the grass and a slight mist rising, a big red barn visible in the distance (it couldn't get any more picturesque).  Three large deer broke out of the woods ahead of me and went loping across the field, stopping for a moment to look at me before continuing across and into the woods in the distance. I'm so blessed to have such a lovely place to run.


                  15 miles for me today - the first 13 at a peppy 9:35 ave pace, then 10:20-ish for the last two.  Pretty frisky for a  LR.

                  Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                    sarge, good job on the 1st in AG in your 10K.  marj, congrats to you and your daughter on your half in the rain.


                    Nice long runs for Twocat and holly.


                    This morning, it was in the high 40s and there was a little wind.  I did 3 miles at a 9:57 pace.


                    A clarification is perhaps needed about my eyedrops.  I felt that the rapid deterioration in my running, starting in April may have had to do with the eyedrops my opthamologist had prescribed in place of the ones I'd been using for years.  When I asked him about a month ago if the drops could cause my problems, he said that, in some people, muscle weakness and decreased heartrate and blood pressure were experienced.  This was attributed to the beta blocker in the drops.  He changed my eye drops to avoid the beta blocker and I have had noticeable improvement since.  Yesterday was the first time I have raced since starting the new drops (I guess I should say stopping the problem drops).


                    A good day and good runs for all.





                      Keep it movin' tw and it would be nice if common sense was contagious




            's not,

                      and I am Their King.






                      for the PT

                      one of the questions was-

                      ''what makes the injury feel better??''

                      I put

                      ''poolrunning and X-bike''

             about 7-ish

                       I thought

                       ''hell, if I'm hurting this bad I'll swap a poolrun''.........and I was REALLY looking forward to hitting TheTrack.




                      that said, 28-min poolrun


                       of course,

                      TheLeg feels GREAT.



                      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                        What are you hoping/hoping to accomplish for 10/21/10/21 anyway/anyway?  You’ve already BQ’ed/BQ’ed so, unless you have to do everything in twos/twos and BQ/BQ again/again, what good/good, if any, are long runs between now and then except, unless you can do them slowly/slowly, unnecessarily risk injury/risk injury/RISK INJURY/RISK INJURY, especially as you start getting older/older?? (not that I would know anything about that though).
                        After being out-of-town again this year messed up the beloved annual Beaver Lake Triathlon in August I’d missed last year for the first time 1997, Mariposai’s DS made sure we didn’t miss one this year either as he picked me up at 5:30 am wearing the beloved Chaco sandals he would wear on all three legs of the Kirkland Triathlon. It was too nice and sunny summery to wear my favorite thongs so I went without any again for all three legs too.  No wonder I love running so much.


                        I hope Opie had the same sunny skies we did instead of Marge, et al.

                        It's usually just the oppositie.


                        Same with all the horrible stuff in Leslie-land.

                        That's what we get too much of in the cities, not down there.

                        Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                        T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


                          tselbs good call on the eye drops!  Glad to hear the prescription change worked.  I have a colleague on beta blockers and it really impacts his ability to engage in aerobic activity.  Unfortunately, in his case he has to be on them or risk another heart attack.  Poor guy is pretty young too.


                          coastwalker not sure I would blame the politicians.  They just want to get elected and will enact whatever bills they believe will likely do that.  In my view, that makes it "our" fault; the voting public.


                          stumpy77 that is great they put in all those trails.  Even better that you discovered one close by!


                          shadowrunner okay, 60° and shirtless!  Yes you are loony and yes so where the other shirtless guys.


                          Spareribs brave guy, giving car keys to offspring!  Wink  The organic joke is very cute.  I have to remember it.  I just noticed at the local grocery store that organic milk cost about 80% more than the regular stuff!


                          wildchild every time I see the kind of places you get to run and the many who stop by to join you I hate you a little more!  Joking  All right, in reality I am just totally jealous.


                          Holly S. true getting really beat in a game is no fun.  But, it happens to most teams.  Hopefully the parents emphasize to the kids nothing was really at stake and that they should not take it too hard.


                          evanflein nice try but you need another couple of thousand feet of elevation gain to compete with the truly insane routes wildchild runs.  Still, I would give it a grade of pretty freakin crazy.


                          tomwhite you have the right attitude about the PT that is for sure!  Good luck with it.


                          tetsujin209  all true, I am not planning to BQ the race.  Yes, I had hoped to try and improve on my time, heck PR if possible.  But that is gone.  Mostly I want to make sure I can run it happy.  That means not crawling to the finish on legs that wanted to be done around mile 10.  That is all at this point.  As to your running . . . thongs?  Chaco sandals?  To think I thought barefoot would be tough!  Sandals?  Shocked  Ignoring the poor spot between your big toe and its neighbor (no I have no idea what it is called) I cannot believe sandals would survive a triathlon!


                          Odd weather here today.  Cloudy but no rain in the morning.  Then sun and clouds with heavy sun showers all afternoon.  Nature really must have had way too much to drink last night!  I forgot to mention yesterday I managed to finish my Halloween decorating!  That used to take about an afternoon when we first moved into our current house.  Since then our Halloween village has grown to a Halloween city and the various spooky things around the house now take a good chunk of a day to put up as well.  On the up side, I really like the way it all looks!  The little city will stay up until Thanksgiving.  After that it gets put away and out comes the Christmas Dickens village.  Putting everything away is at least as time consuming as putting it up and I can say that right now I can easily wait for the day when I need to do that!

                          Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                          Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                            Good afternoon guys!

                            Wow, Jay does know how to sleep in. Wink. Glad to read that you "saved your face" from meeting the ground. 

                            Twocat, what Jay, Sarge and Holly said.

                            Erika, great run yesterday, you sure attracts hills.

                            Holly is running 15 miles today, wow. I feel like a wimp during my marathon recovery period.

                            Spareribs, you trouble maker!!! He is my Roachrunner Clown

                            Did Starrunner run her HM this weekend?

                            Waiting to hear Opie's result.


                            This was a fun weekend for me. Friday was hiking to one of the loveliest alpine lake in the region, one place I have never visited before. Here is Libby Lake. Awesome place to be with the fall colors!


                             Yesterday, I volunteered as a trail crew (something I always wanted to do to give back to the trails I have so enjoyed all my adult life). We worked on Tiffany Lake, the highest lake (over 7,000 ft) in the Cascade range.


                            Here we are making a turn pike so water wont' wash off the trail.




                            We had lunch at Little Tiffany. 



                            Today I was going to take a day off and let the achy body rest, but we had our first blue sky in three weeks, so I decided to go and check on the honey crisp apples...I think they are ready to be picked Smile



                            Funny how I get to find out what my oldest son is doing today. Joking. And I tell you what, I envision the day my son David walks to the altar wearing those Chacos (we did it for his high school graduation, and for his college graduation, why not for a wedding?


                            After being out-of-town again this year messed up the beloved annual Beaver Lake Triathlon in August I’d missed last year for the first time 1997, Mariposai’s DS made sure we didn’t miss one this year either as he picked me up at 5:30 am wearing the beloved Chaco sandals he would wear on all three legs of the Kirkland Triathlon. It was too nice and sunny summery to wear my favorite thongs so I went without any again for all three legs too.  No wonder I love running so much.


                            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                              Leslie, that situation we've followed through you is simply awful.


                              Sweet run TomS


                              Saturday's run sounds scarey Erika.


                              I don't care for the common sense stuff.


                              Very nice pictures Nancy.


                              Speaking of weedings....Fiday, the day of, Avenger Doggie and I were chagred with taking the ring bearer out for a run as long as we were done by 11:00.




                              He found where a "Bobcat Monster" clawed a tree and we had to run even faster. After 20 min, we headed back, but Noah was "Out of gas" and wanted to be carried back.



                              At first he didn't care for the tux.



                              But when one of his aunts said he looked like Burce Wayne, he got over it and strutted one the dance floor 


                              The wedding pictures are not loading in Steveabetical's some of what we've got.




                              DD#1..Our niece...DD#2 and DS#1...then other dudes.



                              The best man and Father of the groom could not make the speach. They've had other children and our new SIL is the only one who lived past infancy.



                               Those are Hillbilly teeth in here cleavage for the preverts who looked and wondered.



                              I was fighting the choked up not so well.



                              Sadly, this is the last of the pictures I could get right now.


                              Saturday was Honey's 1st birthday, so Avenger Dogie and I took her out on a new trail and we ran for an hour.


                              DW the dog and I went out for nearly half an hour as it was getting dark.


                              The Goofinator

                                Great pictures, Steve!  What a beautiful family.  And I can't imagine the emotion for the parents of your new SIL.  What a wonderfully happy day for you all.


                                Gotta had it to so many of you and your great racing this weekend.  Congrats, Sarge, on the AG placement.


                                5 great miles after church this morning, followed by some yard work and car washing while The Hub continued his painting duties.  I'm really liking the color we picked!


                                Now I need to get some transcription done ~

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