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Monday Daily, 10.22.12 (Read 373 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Lots of interesting reports about running and life yesterday. I always enjoy opening this forum because you never know what you are going to get from this wonderful and diverse group.


    SRD for me today, which is a good thing: I'm working hard to fight off a cold before it gets established, and I have a wicked-busy week, culminating in a fundraiser 5K for which I'm the rd on Saturday (970+ registered so far), and a half marathon in which I have the fun of competing on Sunday.


    Survive your Monday, and enjoy the week!  -  Jay

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      Rest day for me.  Right knee has been cranky since marathon [and trying to run too early] so been doing a lot of stretching and strengthing excercises in the morning.  Hope to run more than one day this week.


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        5.15 miles. Three weeks ago today is when I wrestled with the sidewalk and lost. After my running buddies turned back to go swim, I ran another 2 miles by myself. I felt particularly tentative and slowed down to be careful with my feet. I wonder if I will ever run with the confidence I had before the fall?


        Twocat, it has been great following your Amsterdam trip. I am sad that your ankle made you DNS. Butt. I am happy to read that you listened to your long-term brain and decided to plan for the "long run". You and DW are smart and it helps when you share that here.

        Tet, I enjoyed reading about Auntie. Sounds like she had a proper send-off; one with happy stories told by loving family gathered together.

        Starr, I didn't realize your mother was 98 years old. Yes,she should gain or maintain weight! I am unsure how a 98 years old would do with the radioactive iodine but, it is non-invasive and does the job. I tried taking Tapazole but after a few days found out that I was allergic to it!  I ended up at Urgent Care in a bit of respiratory distress... had to get a shot in my BUTT for that! I am so thankful for my healthcare team.

        MikeEee, I hope Ryan does well. He is a good kid.

        Leslie, thank you for sharing your story. It is important.

        TomS! I am happy to read about your distances. I know you were concerned when you visited here. It makes my happy to read about 8's and 10's and 5's for you. And at good paces. Nice running before the DIY projects.

        All right... I better get started with this day. Days are getting so short. (My apologies to dear Erika VF!) 

          Good morning.  I haven't run yet today (waiting for the amazing warm-up to occur), but I had a question about pictures.  Those of you who take pictures on a run, what do you use?  Do you have a small digital camera that is sweat resistant, carry your smart phone, use a disposable camera, or other?  Does it work for you or do you wish you had camera X?


          Supposed to get sunny and 70° today so I'll head out for a run at lunch time.

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            6 miles this morning...the wind had a cold bite on the legs.

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              I'm sure you'll be back to your old running self sooner rather than later, Barb.


              The water stop yesterday went better than expected. We had a lighter crew than expected, but they were all hard workers -- including Perchcreek -- and we had no problems at all. It's fun watching the runners come through as the flow starts with a trickle, grows to a massive swell, and then tails off again. But since they even allow really slow walkers in the half marathon, it just seems to go on too long. I was impressed almost the most with the leading handwheel cycle, who was at least 5 minutes ahead of the next wheeler at our 11-mile station. He was going so fast that the bicycle escort guy seemed to be having trouble keeping up with him. I later heard that he topped 30mph!


              Afterwards a group of us went out to a nearby popular place for lunch on one of the city's main drags. When we came out, one of the guys' cars had been broken into, reminding us that no matter how revitalized some sections of the city are getting, it's still Detroit. Angry


              This morning was clear and very crisp, and I had a good 6-mile run along the rail-trails. The temperature must have risen almost 10 degrees over the time of my run as the sun came up over the trees.


              Have a good start to your work week, everyone!

              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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                What a busy weekend. I'm a bit behind, but catching up.


                Good decision Twocat.  Live for another day.


                Lovely pics Leslie.


                Yesterday the whole Rib Cage ran at White Rock Lake, along with my RP Ros.  Everyone did 11 miles except for SpareTire and me.  I paced him to 9.3 and he was pretty much out of gas.  To his credit, Riblet finished 11, then worked a 1 to 9 shift at the supermarket packing groceries. He was one tired kid when he got home.


                I leave for Pittsburgh in an hour or so and will be gone all week.  Here's a post I did revisiting last year's high mileage subject.  This one features a question from a reader on getting up to 100 miles a week!








                  [[[[[[[[[rosie]]]]]........keep on pluggin'




                  squat today


                  doodley variety.



                  ..................good running guys............PT 7-moves tonite......

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                    Happy (belated) birthday Hopeful.  Did you enjoy it?


                    The PBJsters gave me exactly what I wanted yesterday - solo time (that and a carrot cake).  I went 24 miles in 3:25 or so.  Saw a dead deer along the way being pulled in a sled behind a John Deere tractor (how ironic).  Was able to run the whole distance (but obviously not very fast).  The surgically repaired knee stiffened up a bit, but it feels okay today (did an hour on the eliptical this morning). 


                    Have a great week everybody!

                       The surgically repaired knee stiffened up a bit, but it feels okay today (did an hour on the eliptical this morning). 





                      ..GoodNews pbj//........keep pluggin'

                      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                        PBJ, elliptical is better than none. Great to see you here.

                        It seems like the whole Rib Cage family had a blast yesterday. Good for Riblet for working. Great experience for him!


                        Holly, RE your 20 miler this weekend, go out post party, then you will burn off the "fussy head" Big grin

                        Tetsujin, how wonderful to see that you had a chance to meet up with your cousins to honor your Auntie. Was she as spunky as you are Joking.


                        I shall RAW today. The wind is howling outside, will gymmit, which is great because then I can add some weights as well.


                        My face is plastered with smiles right now! Fun Monday!

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                          Good news, PBJ!


                          Get better, Jay.


                          Barb - You'll get back to your old self in no time.  When I started running after the ligament tear in my foot last year, I was extremely tentative, especially with the downhills since that's when it tore.  Soon, though, the timidness left and I was back to my old self.


                          SteveP - Most of the weather hits us on the left side of the house (when looking at the house from the street).  It's rare that it comes straight at the front  and we're fairly protected on the right side, which is why I'm hard pressed to understand the moisture issue.  The entire front half of the house is old growth redwood (and about 40 years old).  That wood is extremely hardy stuff.  For now, we're going to leave it be and get the rest of the house finished, then tackled the issue again next spring.  Although that doesn't explain the sudsing effect when I washed off portions of the front this weekend.  Weird.


                          My break is over, and I ran 3 wonderful miles this morning in a crisp predawn with a sky half filled with stars and half with rain clouds that were moving out of the area.  Everything smelled fresh and clean after last night's dousing.

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                            PBJ welcome back.


                            fatozzig I have no idea what is causing your moisture problems but I hope you track it down soon.


                            I am finally back in the US.  Long day today.  But not as long as it has been for our travel companions.  We had a direct flight home.  They had a later flight that went through Heathrow prior to heading to NY.  To cut to the chase, after a whole day in the Amsterdam airport they are now at an Amsterdam hotel. Sad  I sure hope they get out tomorrow!  What a way to end a trip after scoring a marathon PR.  They certainly have my sympathies.

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                              Welcome back new oh wise two one.

                              Maybe your friends'll get a free meal coupon like the one I  once got at Narita Airport.  It was just right for two pieces of the most expensive sushi they had. 


                              Happy Birthdays to PBJ and Mary. 

                              Not that I would know anything about it or that you would embrace it either but, as a famous California actor/politician recently said in response to what he thought of critiques about his talking to an empty chair: ”(t)here is something about the aging process that makes you give a crap less.”


                              ps pbj pdq - did you get to do anything particular to commemorate no. 50 during the last year?


                              Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                              T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


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                                Good evening all.


                                A late post for an earlier run, just 3 miles not feeling as energetic as yesterday.


                                I agree, Jay, this is a wonderful and diverse group. I hope you win the fight with your cold and wicket week.


                                Leslie, congratulations to Shorty on his anniversary!


                                Nice long run PBJ. It's good to hear how well you're doing post surgery. Belated happy birthday.


                                We had fencing tonight. The more we do it the more I love it.! Tonight was our big group (~20) night. It's a 50 min. drive to class so it makes for a late night, but the good thing about Mondays is the opportunity to fence so many different people. Wednesdays and Thursdays our instructor comes into town here and there are just 4 of us in class. We get a lot of good individual instruction. I like it all but we're not sure if we will continue 3 nights a week. If I had to choose I think I'd stick with the big group.


                                tet, it sounds like you gave her a wonderful sendoff. I enjoyed reading about Auntie.


                                wb, Twocat.

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