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Thursday Daily, 10.4.12 (Read 366 times)


    Mornin' all.


    Nice pic with the pooches posing in front of your colorful trees yesterday, Mary.


    OM, good luck with the splint and the orthopedist. I'm glad you can keep running as you deal with this injury.


    Keep up the good work with the power lifter PT, TomW.


    Holly, there are a lot of places I can't fly to directly - I think Cleveland is one of them...  Wink


    Leslie, your rant yesterday was appropriate. Sometimes it is so frustrating (and devastating) when the justice system cannot stop a known criminal from committing more senseless acts of violence. Alas, as hard as people try, it is not a perfect system.


    Rhoon, it is so true that just because a driver appears to be looking at you, it doesn't mean that they see you. In that kind of situation, I try to not only see where the eyes are pointed, but to get some kind of acknowledgement that I am on their radar. Otherwise, I'll wait for the car to pass.


    At 4 o'dark this morning it was mild (57F), misty, foggy, and breezy - in other words, a good day for a workout! However, it has been about a week since I've seen dry pavement, and wouldn't mind having some more dry, clear weather. I hadn't decided what to do this morning till I was near the end of my warm-up walk, when I chose fartleks, just for the fun of it. Since my Garmin is set to give me mile splits, I did mile fartleks, So, over the 5.7 miles, I picked up the pace for miles 2 and 4, and for the last .7. I did well for the first two, but my head wasn't in the last one, and my legs knew it, so my split there was rather wishy-washy. I'm seeing more and more leaf-strewn streets, and the movement of gently falling leaves at the corner of my eye in the dark is making me nuts because it isn't always immediately apparent what is moving. I thought I saw a skunk's white stripe this morning, but it turned out to be only a couple of bright yellow leaves lying together on the road ahead. The combination of eye tricks and mind games makes for interesting workouts in the dark!


    Enjoy your Thursday!  -  Jay

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      I'll be so glad when this election is over.  I tried watching the debate last night but lasted only about 30 minutes. We've stopped answering our phone since we're getting--literally--3 or 4 calls nearly every night from the political campaigns (pres & congressional), their supporters, and from "surveys".  We've worked with both Republicans and Dems over the years so we seem to be on everyone's list.  And don't get me started on the onslaught of ads!   This has got to be one of the most uninspiring elections I can remember.


      The earlier awesome autumn weather has become awful autumn weather the last couple of days.  Ran 7.3 miles feeling like I was wrapped in a stagnant wet blanket of humidity.  You get spoiled with good weather and the nasty stuff feels worse.  Oh well, it won't last long as cooler and drier air is on its way.

        "A Michigan man who patrols the streets in a Batman costume is facing a felony charge after he allegedly interfered with a police investigation."





        I've been busy at work since 4:30am.  Headed to the gym in a few minutes for a workout on the Cybex ARC Trainer.

        And so it goes

          good morning.


          I sympathize/empathize with your rant yesterday Leslie. As you know, I work in the criminal justice system and our county is in a budget crisis in re: funding the CJ system. Our jail beds were decreased drastically and about 2/3 of the inmates were let out, DA's laid off, the county sheriff's went down to ONE patrol, and essentially, unless you committed a major person crime, you were given a free pass. Burglaries and thefts are up because they know they can get away with it. We got some add'l emergency funding so now they can prosecute/arrest/lodge some more people, but it's not where we should be. So, I understand the frustration of letting people out that shouldn't be out and the anger that comes with them committing another crime when it COULD have been prevented because they SHOULD have been in jail.


          no run last night as I wasn't feeling well. and no run tonight as it's XC meet day and by the time we get home from all that and eat, it's like 8 p.m and dark. This morning, DS told me he's running for our dog, Jade, today at his meet. We'll be saying goodbye to her soon.


          I mentioned it on FB also, Mary, but I just love that pic of you posted yesterday. I miss all those wonderful colors. We get a few splotches of fall colors here, but not the vibrant reds and oranges like that - maybe just a few here and there.


          have a good day all!


            DS, grade 7 had to watch the debate last night for his social studies class.  He/we lasted an hour.  I liked the answers he wrote down on his sheet about the two candidates, something about one of them should stop sneering or smirking so much.  DH came in the room and said he couldn't hear what they were saying (his hearing is bad) and I said he didn't need to, he could just look at their expressions.


            Up early for a star-filled chilly 43F run.  It won't feel so cold in a few weeks.  4.2 miles easy.  When I ran to catch my bus, my legs were dead, not a good sign.


            I signed up for a 5K race this weekend.  First race in about 19 months.  I just want to run it without puking.  No time goals.

            "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

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              thanks for the reminder enki.
              I love this weekend’s Issaquah Salmon Days Rotary 5K/10K’s we finished together a couple of years ago.  However, the internet sign-up shows it was changed to the last weekend in September.  Rats. 
              Now that it seems you’re working at the UW, any chance you might get over Husky Dawg Dashes (5K/10K) on 10/21, or the Halloween 5K's in Seward Park at the end of the month?. I have a costume in mind in case you can.
              ps - where are Panama hats made?

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                It's the Magnolia run, Tetsujin, but don't tell anyone.  Wink

                Those others are possibilites too, but I won't know for awhile if I'll be in town.

                "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                  Running around the top of Magnolia Hill with the views of Elliott Bay/Puget Sound, downtown, West Seattle, straightaway of Mt. Rainier, etc. should be a perfect return to the races.  Have fun!

                  Ben Beach - Boston Marathon no. 50 (2017): “I’m going to keep running it until I can’t do it anymore.”K

                    "A Michigan man who patrols the streets in a Batman costume is facing a felony charge after he allegedly interfered with a police investigation."



                    ...I love it........




                    rest day............PT'' Fun-5'' and forgot to do weights

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                      Again posting quickly from work, so no shout-outs, although I did read.


                      Someone hacked my yahoo account (again - how do they do that?) and so a bunch of spams got sent out.  If you got one, please disregard.


                      6 easy-paced miles for me in a lovely 51 degrees.


                      Cold front coming in tonight, just when the weather was perfect....Undecided

                      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                        ........................Someone hacked my yahoo account (again - how do they do that?) and so a bunch of spams got sent out.  If you got one, please disregard.





                         you actually DON'T sell the cheapest generic Viagra on the internet????





                        No Reason.

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                          TW - *snork!!*  Glad I didn't have a mouth full of soup.



                          "A Michigan man who patrols the streets in a Batman costume is facing a felony charge after he allegedly interfered with a police investigation."



                          I've always been suspicious when SteveP disappears for a day or two . . .


                          Tammy - I thought of you when I was posting that.  It's sad that there are more criminals than money and the wrong people get let out.


                          6 miles this a.m.  It was warmer than I anticipated, and I was regretting my choice of . . . um . . . . well, crap.  Those things that come down to your knees . . . CAPRIS!  That's it!  (good grief Roll eyes)  So as I was saying, I was regretting my choice of CAPRIS over shorts, but it all worked.  My legs were feeling really tired for a couple of hours after, although I ran it sort of slow. 


                          Right before I got to my house, the guy who lives three doors down pulled up beside me in his van. Him: "You run everything morning, don't you?"  Me: "Most mornings."  Him: "My dad's a runner.  He ran Western States a number of years ago."  Me: "What?!? Shocked  Really?!?" Him: "Yeah.  He finished in under 24 hours, so he got his buckle."  Well, I just became quite the chatterbox, perhaps unfortunately for Mr. Van, but WS is the one run most trail runners dream of participating in.  The chances of it happening for me are miniscule, but it doesn't mean I can't dream.  And he's probably the first non-runner I've ever talked to who actually knew about Western States.  Made my frigging day!

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                            Went running at lunch, 4 miles, wind 34 gusting 45. At least it was sunny. Had a couple stray village dogs that adopted me right at the start and ran with me. Every car that came by probably wondered why my dogs were out all over wandering around the road. Especially since one of the dogs was black, like Choco. Oh well.

                              No run today, I tested for my Commercial Driver's Licence. It is for a special position I will start in January, transporting inmates from 3 counties.



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                                coastwalker much better to see leaves than skunks!


                                Tramps move to a state like CT!  Not an ad in sight!  We do get a lot of calls but they are probably looking for donations.  I say probably since if we do not recognize a caller ID we do not answer the phone and their robo dialers then hang up.


                                Dave59 yea I was worried about SteveP too.  But then the photo showed a guy without Tag and I knew it had to be an imposter.  Wink


                                TammyinGP I remember when NYC also refused to look for or hold burglars.  It was not good.  I am not sure what the policy is now but back then I was glad to be living elsewhere.


                                enkephalin  good goal for the 5K!  Also, good luck in it this weekend.


                                tetsujin209 a costume!  Inquiring minds want to know.


                                Holly S. got one, thanks for the heads up.  I sort of suspected something was wrong when I saw the size of the list of people it was sent to.  If you use Firefox try getting Lastpass for it (it also works on cell phones if you pay a fee).  It will let you create unique and hard to crack passwords for each and every service you use.  I find it to be invaluable.  Best of all since all of your logins are unique even if one gets stolen it cannot be used elsewhere.


                                fatozzig it is great that a simple conversation like that can make your day!  As to forgetting the name of something (or someone) welcome to my world!  I warn everybody I have a memory like a steel sieve.  Sad


                                rhoon phast  poor strays!  How do they survive the winters up where you are?


                                SteveP yep be careful what you say to a PT!


                                Spareribs how do you get to these places?  Sioux City, how many transfers from home to there?


                                hope4ever looks like great fall color where you are.  Nice looking trees too.  Big grin


                                lyndenrunner sounds like it was a nice run you had yesterday.


                                Mariposai yea, my generation showed up stoned for work the new generation drunk.  Joking  Seriously, more like ours could be told something was done poorly and not melt.  The current one seems to just throw a hissy fit when that happens.


                                OrangeMat good to read that they got to the bottom of your problem and it is on its way to getting better.


                                mrrun and roachrunner I too want to see this rain day every day pattern break.  It is getting pretty tiring.


                                Ileneforward track, yech! But, good for getting fast.  Another unfortunate fact of life.


                                I got a bunch of good news!  The other day my physical therapist decided that I needed to get my ankle moving instead of resting at this point and ordered me to head out for 3 to 5 miles.  Well, heck you do not have to tell me twice!  Of course, I went for 5.  Alas, on a TM due to the rain but I have never been so happy to be told to do what turned into a TM run.  All went well and so she green lighted a round on the elliptical yesterday.  Yipee!  I never thought that word and elliptical would ever belong together!  Today she said do another 5 and so who was I to argue.  It looks like if I am not 100% I am at least close to getting there!  Big grinBig grinBig grin

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