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How's the weight going...... (Read 270 times)

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    I'm really happy because I got super motivated to lose my unwanted pounds....not hard for me once I get motivated.


    Started out at 162 pounds after my back surgery and recovery


    Goal weight of 147 pounds for my running and racing


    151 this morning before I ran my 6 miler Smile 



    Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

      My weight is fluctuating so much these days, it makes me dizzy.  One day it'll be 143, another day 145, then yesterday 140.8.  Ugh!


      Glad you're doing well, Tim. Smile

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        Angry  I'm not sayin'


        Running is stupid

          Angry  I'm not sayin'






          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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            'nuff said

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


              I am stuck at 195-200 ~ at 6'3 not aweful about the least amount I have weighed in a long time ... but I am trying to hit 180-185 ~ so I must fight on

              Retired 1/1/13 ... Tired of being broken and fat  ... Hit 296# Memorial Day 2016 - New goal = To be able to enjoy running 4-5 hours through the woods again by Fall 2016. April 2017 ... Shit it is almost April !



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                Still holding at 130, which is 10 lbs heavier than where I was at the start of last summer. But then again that's 10 lbs lighter than where I was six months before that. Maybe that's where my body needs to be? Eh, I have clothes that fit and I don't look all that bad... so I won't obsess about the scale. Smile


                  My reaction to my weight loss.

                  And so it goes

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                    Tim - you thinkin’ you’re overweight is like me thinking I’m too fast. I sincerely hope you do get good and fat some day so you can appreciate what it seems you are enjoying with weight control like I could until recently.<<<(old/old)>>>>
                    I would thank you for the incentive of the thread to help me deal with all the good food over here in Japan that’s got me to another lifetime weight PR again.  Even though I’m eschewing rice and most noodles it doesn’t seem to help so I’ve bit-the-bullet and turned over a new leaf. I’m going to stop eschewing and eat anything I want because I know in another week or two I won’t be able to eat it like this until the next trip, probably not until next year, if then.
                    In fact, in order to have a goal to work on, I’m going to try to get as heavy as possible.  Here’s how I started the new leaf at the breakfast all-you-can-eat breakfast smorgasbord at the hotel down in Osako where I”ll be for a week or so.  The cook told me they have at least 50 items, not counting everything that goes into them, e.g. when he asked what I wanted in my omlet, I started picking and choosing until he suggested I just add them all (onions, chives, cheese, ham, mushrooms, etc. ). 

                    ps I’m still not brave enough to count everything I tested. Fortunately, they were all small size pieces and, except for the fish, I only had one little piece of most everything else. I might have go one wrong but that’s all
                    green tea
                    custom order omlette
                    hard boiled egg
                    soft boiled egg
                    potato patty
                    friend potato/onions
                    link sausage dog
                    seamed carrot brocolli/cauliflower mix
                    Pineapple slices
                    red grapefruit slices
                    yellow grapefruit slices
                    honey dew melon
                    yellow melon slices
                    watermelon slices
                    kiwa pieciesi
                    grape juice
                    apple juice
                    sour apple juice
                    orange juice
                    tomato juice
                    regular milk
                    no-fat milk
                    yogurt milk
                    kind of Japanese mixed vegetables no. 1
                    kind of Japanese mixed vegetables no. 2
                    kind of Japanese mixed vegetables no. 3
                    kind of Japanese mixed vegetables no. 4
                    kind of Japanese mixed vegetables no. 5
                    Japanese tsukemono pickled octopus and cucumber
                    Japanese tukemono pickled cucumber and seaweed
                    Kamaboko sweet fish cake
                    saba mackerel (grilled)
                    salmon slices (grilled)
                    miso bean paste soup with condiments (oninon, baby bits of tofu,
                    . . . .wakame seaweed, shirasu sardines)
                    natto fermented beans with soy sauce/seaweed chocolate muffin
                    raisen roll
                    butterhorn roll
                    unknown kind of roll
                    nknown kind of roll
                    white bread for toasting
                    yogurt to put in bowl as-much-as-you-like
                    . . . with sprinkings (powdered sugar, raisins, dried banana, dried plum bits)
                    salmon lox
                    garden lettuce salad with possible additions (cherry tomato, corn, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, daikon radish strips, egg plant
                    potato salad
                    mushroom medley (five kinds)
                    Five-seaweed salad
                    cabbage salad like cold slaw but with Japanese marin desssing
                    those things from Italy that Nancy likes so much but I never ate much in those days.
                    I held my ground and passed on the following.
                    cereal - five different kinds
                    coffees and teas
                    There’s lots more that I can’t remember so I took pictures of everything for the food topic one of these days when I get back, . . . if I don’t find a better spread!
                    ps - I guess it’s no surprise but this is the only hotel I can recall that has bathroom scale in every room.

                    pps - I think it was an apricot roll or something but it tasted kind funny until I realized I was eating the tinfoil liner on the bottom.

                    40th anniversary of one or more marathons/yr, 28th year of barefoot ones. 40th of at least one triathlon/yr. 30th anniversary of first IM. . 

                      Still holding at 130, which is 10 lbs heavier than where I was at the start of last summer. But then again that's 10 lbs lighter than where I was six months before that. Maybe that's where my body needs to be? Eh, I have clothes that fit and I don't look all that bad... so I won't obsess about the scale. Smile



                      Love this!!   I'm up a few lbs from my WW low of 131 but definitely lower than I was when I started last January!  However, I just saw a friend from work who is also in my running group and she just lost 20lbs which I never would have thought she had to lose!!  She did the medi-weight clinic .... any thoughts on that?    I'm thinking if she dropped 20 I must need to drop at least 10-15 not just a fewBlushRoll eyes