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Saturday, 21 July 2012 (Read 439 times)

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    Some pictures from my trail hike/run:


    Betty Lake:



    Fat marmot at Betty Lake:



    King Lake (11,450 ft), looking up at the divide.  The trail climbs up to the left of the high snowfield, and crosses the skyline from left to right above the snowfield.



    Top of the pass, looking west toward the Winter Park Ski Area



    This is a staged shot of me running on the Continental Divide Trail, at about 12,000 ft.  A guy on the trail asked me to take his picture, so I asked him to take mine!


    This is Devil's Thumb Trail, heading back down from the divide, and Devil's Thumb Lake below.



    And this is Devil's Thumb:


    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

    The Goofinator

      Gorgeous photos.  Absolutely gorgeous.  And love, love, LOVE the staged shot!

      Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


      Trail Runner Nation


        Awesome pics Carolyn.


        Nice PR OM.


        Wow Mike. Nice clips.


        Dave - that HR sounds about right for a 5k. I've had mine hit in the low 190s. Sounds to me like lHR is working for you. Stick with it. Got me many PR's while staying injury free.


        Bit of aplit run for me today. 8+ in the morning + centered 3 soccer matches and then ran a 3 1/4 lake loop hard tonight. Man it is still hot here. Didn't seem that way but it was. Looking forward to August.


        trails tomorrow with some buds.


        Cheers all.


        Oh and I didn't find any cell phones or bags today. Wink

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        Bushrat Runner

          Whoah, Carolyn. Nice place you have to run, if only there were some air there...


          I ran a Naknek-style 5k, which means that in the 14 years we've lived here they always put the turnaround cone in the same place, and it is almost 3.5 miles, well over 3.4 miles...


          I ran it in 27 min, haven't had a chance to look through at HR or pace progression, but it was my first 5k(-ish) race in a long time. I really hate 5k pain, I really prefer the marathon.


          But it was all good. After I finished, I trotted back out and found a friend that was bringing up the rear and ran in with her. Day off tomorrow, planning for 17 Monday if logistics work out.



            Only issues I have is I have to mow the lawn now....Joking 


            Sign me, no longer a 20 mile virgin.

             Congrats Shadowrunner! I do remember very well my first 20 and 21 miler! Great job today! I always enjoy following people's training during their first marathon! Don't be shy to share with us your runs!

            Dave, congrats on a great 5k! Way to be improving!

            OrangeMat, you too. Wonderful 5k performance today and a 15 miler tomorrow!! That coach sure knows what he/she is doing!

            Pirate, enjoy Claire's visit tomorrow. 

            Holly, how fun to take the time to walk for 3 miles with your DH. I am sure that kitchen of yours will look lovely!

            MikeE, funny what our kids teach us! Positive thinking!

            SpareRibs, you are amazing! Wink

            CR_ you sure had a fun filled day today! running, soccer, running some more!

            Enkephalin, one of these days I will have to take the time to join you in your trail runs. You make it sound so much fun.

            Speaking of trail runs, our Queen of trail runs sure made ache for mountain running today! Wildchild, those pictures are fabulous! 

            Twocat, I am so glad that your pace was slow are still recovering post BQ marathon, right? 


            Well, for me it was up at 7:30 this morning thanks to my DH who woke me up telling me that it will be hot today and if I planned to do any running, I should do it now. Only 6 miles on the hills, which took me forever thanks to post-marathon legs (I sure don't know how Erika, Dove and other maniacs can run a marathon every weekend). 


            Post run, it was going to the gravel pit to order some gravel to replace the ones we lost during yesterday's torrential rain...the only problem is that me and thousand of other people wanted the same, so no gravel until next week. However, I did spend about 6 hours pottering around the yard, my son Daniel and I decided to put some bricks under my grape arbor as a small was a fun Mama/son time listening to Caribean music in Pandora and chatting away....but now I am toast!


            Go Francesca, gooooooooo!!!!!! 100 miles in Vermont this weekend! Amazing, simply Amazing!!!

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

            Bushrat Runner

              Hard to know what a 27 minute 3.4 miler means, so I finally got a chance to look at the gps data. After the all-important post-race festivities, which is a really lovely nap...


              The 5k was 24:something. I noticed at 3.14 miles that we had passed 5k so I punched a lap and that was 24:58. The overall pace was 7:55, so I guess that is about my 5k speed right now. My HR went quickly into the 160 range and held pretty steady. I was pleased to see that I managed my uphills without spiking the HR, so at least I seem to be able to suffer consistently. Did I mention I hate 5k's? I'm usually a lot better at them than I am at longer races according to the stats, I just don't like them. They hurt. 


              Now to ratchet the pain down tighter, see if I can get myself into 22 minute shape. Then 21...then 20...???

              Marathon Maniac #957


                Now to ratchet the pain down tighter, see if I can get myself into 22 minute shape. Then 21...then 20...???


                Smile  Nice racing today, btw!


                Mariposai - that sounds like a lovely Mama-Son project.


                Carolyn - stunning, just stunning.


                I spent yesterday afternoon painting my kitchen a soft muted gold color. Roller work done, I will do the detail work next weekend.  The cabinets are not due to arrive until 8/8, so I have some time.


                I took DD to spend her 10th birthday Target gift cards yesterday, and she spent them on clothes.  I think this must be a milestone of sorts, when a child spends a gift card buying clothes instead of toys.....Smile

                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                  SteveP wow you have nice RDs out your way!  Send them here!  Where I am if you are not around to pick up your award that is it, no award for you!  Congratulations on your new display piece!  Does Tag get to chew on it since he "helped" earn it?  I just figure that would be his view of the ideal way to welcome it into the house.  Wink



                   When Tag and I finished the race, the RD came up to us and said she'd mail hardware. I asked, "For what?"..5 months later, we still don't know. Tag sniffed it and as unimpressed.

                   Lots of us have done the light bulb mix up thing.


                  Very very kewl Shadow runner!!!!


                  Holly, with your kitchen remodel change of plans, a life may have been saved. Did DD get any Batman shirts? Target usually has a fair solection.


                  Very zippy Orange Mat


                  We love it when you run with Ryan, MikeE.


                  Enke, Take a dog, they won't let you get disoriented. 


                  Carolyn, The mutt and I would love to hit those trails with you.


                  Nice 5K+ Rhoon. We've take uncertified courses with a grain of salt.


                  Oh Mari, DW and I would grovel for gravel. swoon.


                  5K in the books.


                  SIL said he wanted to pace Noah!! SWEEETTTT!



                  Don't spill your coffee Dad!



                  I didn't put Avenger Doggie's racing harness on. Very bad of me. The first 1/4 miles is very bumpy as he runs on only his back legs and the stroller bounces all over.



                  The first mile is up hill and we did it in 8:35. The nest is a gentle down hill. We were doing well even though one of us needed a bathroom break and he wouldn't go until there was a little privacy.


                  The little girl and Tag fell in love with each other. He kept pulling to go see her. Post race, it was after he got a drink.


                  Noah did a 1/2 mile in 8:14. I do think he slowed down for his dad.




                  First masters over all said she never won  by a poop before. I took 2nd male 30-39 AG. I yelped that I was 50! The lady who made the mistake said I should be flattered. I told her I look like hell for 39 but not too bad for 50. Reverse bump I guess.  I bumped 1st male masters got bumped to 2nd. I wound up with 1st 50-59 AG out of at least 2 with 30:31.


                  MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                    steve - back in the days when marathons cost $10, I entered my dog and pinned a number on him too.  Unfortunately, after chalking up about 20 miles running here-and-there, drinking from all the creeks, etc. in the first half, he was dragging by the finish around the local high school track and got DQ’ed for cutting across the infield to catch up to the finish sprint I used to be able to do.
                    Wildchild - there's a Devil’s Thumb up SE of erika-and-rhoon land too, . .

                    . . . but it's only 8,000 feet!



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