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Bushrat Runner

    In traveling mode, actually broke down and used the treadmill...3 was good...



      Like Ribs I ran my "last" workout of consequence before a half-marathon I'll be running on Sunday. 9.6 mile tempo/hills effort and felt great. I'll get to see the lovely ilene forward too! No, she isn't heading east, but I'll be in CA for work and needed to be there early this time, so why not race?!



       lucky girl. Please give a hug to ileneforward.

      C_R thanks for the update! I am so glad to hear that surgeries went well. Give your precious DW a hug for me, please.

      Enkephalin, you are in! I believe I will be in Olympia doing a Storytelling performance in April. Maybe a weekend at your cabin is in order then.

      Zeke, what is the problem with your breathing? asthma? allergies?



      Well, my "exciting" morning run was crowned with a hot gym date night where the Easy Pacer ran fartleks and I ran 4 miles with 3@ 10k, which felt easy. I definitely need to speed up the tempo pace.


      well...I hope our internet world is as we know it after the Dubai meeting  ends!

      Just google...

      Debate over Internet regulation’s future rages at Dubai meeting

      "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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        Yes Norm. We're so happy.

        Now she's got the right momentum.

        We're with you. 

        Keep it up.

        POTD!  Norm - continued prayers for your DW, and great healing vibes... 


        Love the camel pic! 

        thanks henry/marj -  me too.

        they let us on one of those camelidae once for a picture 

        by the Great Wall but didn't let us go anywhere as you are.


        if you are ever feeling cold the easy solution is to read one of evanflein posts in the daily! 

        In traveling mode, actually broke down and used the treadmill...3 was good...

        Troy - are they letting you come Outside or are you still stuck up there in the frozen north?

        lots of end-of-the-year make-up marathons around here for the fall one you missed.

        Not that anyone's suspicious because you don't have an ice-mask photo as Erika does, running from a bear, icing off in the lake, etc. Mariposaii can organize one at the drop-of-a-hat, you know (but you might have to go to Quiindy) Smile.  


        Alas, honesty is all too often the worst policy.  Black eye 

        Two-cat/ two cat!!!! Unfortunately, all your travels are in their computers now so, to avoid processing delays, make a chronological listing from your passport stamps by trip of all trips: departure/arrival dates/ports  -  departure back and arrival back in the US dates/ports to impress them and get approval right away. No matter what, I'm pretty sure they require a minium of three years. good luck. 


        He made me have a orange shirt on so hunters could see me.

        AD - your human must love you very much.

        Now make him do the same if you like him as much as the rest of us do.

        However, don't complain if he draws a batman on it. Smile

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          That camel pic is great.


          A Tag sighting!!  *sigh*  That always makes me day so much better.


          {{{C-R and Family}}}  Will continue to keep you all in my prayers


          Too many good comments today.  Thanks for the Big grin.  I needed them.


          Got in 8 miles this a.m.  The wheels came off the last couple of miles, but say la vee.  Whatcha gonna do?  Tomorrow's a new day.


          It's been a long day and evening, and that's all the energy I have.  Nitey nite ~ Sleepy

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            Soooo.... did anyone warn the new folks we have a talking dog who runs races and drags sticks the size of telephone poles? Oh, he eats ice cream, too.


            Norm! That's great news! Healing vibes for your DW, and we're all thinking of you guys. 


            Holly, stop doing that.


            So Troy, where are you?


            Well it kind of warmed up today, and we even had a dusting of snow last night (where the heck did THAT come from?) but any clouds that came through really didn't stick around much. It was actually -9° when I got home, but -22° down near town but it's really amazing the difference that makes. When it's -35° our little car (we're driving my son's Honda Accord these days) really has a hard time staying warm but today it warmed up very nicely. It still feels pretty cold to be outside, but nowhere near as bad as it did on the way down to -22.... Funny how that works. But, it's going to be a little "cooler" (according to WeatherUnderground) tomorrow. And I did my run on the treadmill tonight. Again. 5.5 miles, relatively easy pace with some incline changes and an old "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me..." that I hadn't heard before. Made it tolerable.

            Bushrat Runner

              Erika and Tet,


              I'm in Anchorage, had work here the past two days, be working a little more the next couple days, then at a swim meet for the kids over the weekend. The thought of being in a little hotel room with five other people and my sub-zero running gear hanging up to dry every night...I couldn't subject them to the smell. So I'm committed to the 'mill for the week. But that's okay.


              Tet, I'm really not sure about whether I'll get out or not, but I've got my hairy eyeball on the Yakima River Canyon and/or Wenatchee me time to get properly in shape. Assuming I start training a little more seriously soon...

                Soooo.... did anyone warn the new folks we have a talking dog who runs races and drags sticks the size of telephone poles? Oh, he eats ice cream, too.



                 He does not get that from my side of the famil.......uh...never mind.