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12/16 Sundaily (Read 328 times)

    Hi runners.

    I have a REAL early start today. I work 1st shift on Sunday,and I don't want to miss the Bears/Packers game,as well as a few other games later. I woke at 3:30 AM and felt pretty rested so I decided to get a quick 5 miles in. 5 miles in 49:13,so I guess that a 9:50ish pace.

    So it's 4:45 AM,I got my run in,get to work some OT,and get to watch most of the Game. It's a good day!

    I hope everybody has a good run or rest (or walk) today.

      Nice dedication Drake. Well done


      I have plans of watching the Packer game too. 


      No run yet, just finishing my coffee and I will be out the door shortly. 


      Go Pack!!

        The good news...I ran 10 miles out on the county roads...The bad news...I had to sacrifice a pair of gloves....Time to go shopping  Smile

        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

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          Good morning!  I've been trying to catch up with what you guys have been up to.  Sounds like the usual mischief!  Nice to see that Slo and Norm have some kind of mileage challenge going, and Karin ran "only" 20 miles yesterday instead of 33!  And nice to see some of the new folks are becoming regulars.  Welcome!


          I ran a PR 10k race yesterday at the Santa Stampede.  It turns out the course was a little short (my Garmin measured 6.12 miles) because everyone turned around at a roundabout instead of doing another short out-and-back off to one side that the course map showed.  They had no one posted there to give directions.  Maybe there were signs, but at that point (5.3 miles) everyone wanted to turn around and head for the finish!


          Anyway, I finished in 50:47, which was a PR by a huge 5 minutes, so even if the course were a bit longer it was still a PR!  And 3rd AG out of 14.  Mtnchk and her DH Doug were there, and I ran with Doug for the last 2 miles.   I also saw a couple of other friends I met at the American Discovery Trail Marathon this summer (Jill & Steve).  Here's a picture:



          left to right:  Jill, Steve, Cindy, Doug, me

          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

          King of PhotoShop

            Disappointing day today.  Planned to run 16 at the lake but turned back after 2.5 and ended up with a slow 5 miler. Maybe those drugs are still in my system.  No idea why I was so fatigued.


            I'm going to the Cowboy-Steelers game this afternoon, which should be fun.  If you have not seen Cowboys Stadium it's simply amazing.  No matter how good your seats are, people watch the game on that huge video screen!  Spareribs

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              Nice kick-off drake and super run for wildchild. What a year you’re having.
              Gordon, it’s okay to sacrifice your gloves if you gave ‘em to keep a goddess warm.
              I’ve never said no to ilene so maybe I’ll celebrate my new AG next May by starting some summer training after all.  The last time I did it per a divechief-modified Pfitz schedule, it allowed a perfectly-planned 4:30 way back in the 2006 Portland Marathon.
              Thanks CNY. Nobody can say “old” when super-granny is such an inspiration. 

              Your 20 mile run was moving.  I guess the names will be coming out pretty soon so we can give names to our own upcoming 20-milers and more too.  Thank you.  However, what’s the deal about the planned 33-mile run?  Is that so marathons will seem short or something?  Or are you looking to join francesca and dove in the hundred-mile club? 
              Gotta love that spareribs

              I never thought of drugs as an excuse for being so slow.

              I always thought it was the opposite. 

              I wonder which one are best.

              Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

              T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."



                lynde - one word - mittens. I swear by mine.


                Nice Drake


                WTG Carolyn. 5 min PR. That's droppin th hamma!


                Ribs - sounds like your body said it was time for a recovery day. Have fun at the game.


                I am doubling today so got run #1 in this morning. Thought the legs would be off due to the long run and double yesterday but man I had some pop. Very unexpected. Weather was just wonderful for this late in the year.


                Watched Wreck it Ralph with DW last night. Daughter-Dad day. That movie was great. capped it off with some Orange Leaf (frozen yogurt place). That will be a good memory for many years to come.


                Make it a great one today.

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                  Add me to the list of people who have been MIA due to lack of time. Still popping in to see if y'all have been good or bad (one more week, and you KNOW how badly you want those new running shoes Smile) and I think Santa will make it to everyone's house. Quick Christmas story - we were coming back from a party last night and admiring all of the Christmas light displays. One house had their home and yard completely decked out in lights, topping it off with a string of bright red ones on their roof spelling out the message:  "hey Santa - land here!" We laughed, which felt so good after the events in Connecticut last Friday.


                  TwoCat, sorry to hear that this event had such a personal connection to your DW. Prayers to everyone grieving. And how can a woman whose son had mental health issues keep five guns in her house?


                  Norm - nice that DW is kicking you out of the house. I hope she continues to heal and regain her strength.


                  Drake - you're turning into a running addict just like all of the other nuts around here.


                  Congrats on the PR Carolyn. Do you ever take a bad picture?!


                  You must need the sleep Holly. Take advantage. Nothin' like a "power nap" every now and then.


                  Have fun at the Cowboys game Ribs. I don't even want to know what the cost is for a day at that stadium.


                  Tet  - only you would be planning your marathon training for next year. You are incredible!


                  6 miles for me this morning in soupy wet drizzle. Thick fog and 41° and I was soaking wet when I got back home. That hot shower sure felt good.


                  Off to wrap Christmas gifts and watch some football. Go Pack!

                    Hi everyone -- I heard it was MIA Amnesty Day! (sorry, mixing metaphors there). I ran a gentle 4.9 or so estimated miles. Saw a Kingfisher. Now I shall eat some pumpkin pie.

                      "Thanks CNY. Nobody can say “old” when super-granny is such an inspiration. 

                      Your 20 mile run was moving.  I guess the names will be coming out pretty soon so we can give names to our own upcoming 20-milers and more too.  Thank you.  However, what’s the deal about the planned 33-mile run?  Is that so marathons will seem short or something?  Or are you looking to join francesca and dove in the hundred-mile club?  "

                      Indeed super granny is getting close to records (although her eye doctor has two 105 year-old patients--but neither ambulatory). The names of the shooting victims and their stories are getting out there now, so indeed each mile would be even better if named. I'd far prefer to remember the names of the lost than the name of the perpetrator.  And I am not sure how 33 miles got in there. I had planned to run a Fat Ass 50k and decided on sleeping later.


                      I actually ran it last year to keep Iron J company in her year of long distances in 2011-2012. She ran across Massachusetts in two days last May in memory of her father and to raise money for the Brain Tumor Foundation---a brain tumor felled her father at the young age of 73. Last yer's Fat Ass 50k was the beginning of her prep and a first time experiment for me.  No 100 mile races or even 50 miles runs for me---ever. I so admire the ultra-runners here, but 50k is as long and far as I'll go in one session. Speaking of---I am planning a "50Ks for K's 50th" in September 2014----come east y'all and celebrate my birthday by running a mile or 31 with me.


                      Just 4.2 miles easy this morning. Now I am off to see the aforementioned super granny!


                      Hey Econo! Great to see you and no amnesty needed.....come by and stay awhile whenever it feels right.

                      King of PhotoShop

                        The Cowboys have a number of luxury suites for the entertainment of special guests, vendors, retired team members etc.  My RP's husband works for them, and when they have an extra ticket or more, I often get invited.  With the ticket and the preferred parking pass, I imagine the cost would be considerable, but I have no idea what it is.  The suites are also stocked with a number of food and beverage choices, almost anything you want and that's free also.  It's going to be a great game. Both teams strugging at 7-6.  Spareribs

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                          The good news...I ran 10 miles out on the county roads...The bad news...I had to sacrifice a pair of gloves....Time to go shopping  Smile


                          Does this mean what I think it means?  


                          Wildchild - nice racing!  Always made more fun when you can share it.


                          C-R - dad/daughter day sounds pretty wonderful.


                          Hello, MIA runners!  Always good to have you pop in, if only for a moment. 


                          16 slow and gentle miles for me this morning in a breezy 52 degrees - I love it!  A cold front moving in tomorrow will make short work of these mild temps though.  Still, awesome to be able to run in a skirt in December!

                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                            wild, nice 5K with big PR and 3rd in AG.  Also, nice picture.


                            Nice long runs for lynden and Holly.


                            This morning, it was in the mid 40s and there was a light wind.  I got in 3 miles at a 10:04 pace.  It was great to run in shorts in the middle of Dec. in MI.


                            A good day and good runs for all.


                              Ribs enjoy, it sounds wonderful!!! Smile 1st class accomadations for a 1st class kinda guy...easy on the beverage choicesWink


                              Drake I didn't realize alligator wrestlers worked all shifts & weekends too!Big grin  Way to get out early...


                              Carolyn nice race, congrats on the PRCool


                              Tom keep sending the warm weather this way Smile  


                              Nice running Holly... 


                              5k race last evening 23:34 AG 3rd / DW 29:12 AG 2nd 

                              8 easy (extra slow)  miles this morning


                              Have a great afternoon! 

                              Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                                Spareribs tell them you want roast chicken in a white truffle sauce.  Any leftovers please send c/o Twocat in CT!  As to running I do hope whatever it that is getting to you goes away quickly.


                                Drake, Slo_Hand and Jlynne geez does everybody on this forum live in Wisconsin?  Where are the NY fans when I need them!


                                wildchild love you math!


                                tetsujin209 I gotta check, but I think there is something about the first sign of the apocalypse and you training for a race somewhere in the bible!

                                C-R I saw the trailer for Wreck it Ralph and thought "Glad nobody is going to make me go see this!"  Then I saw reviews like yours and I am now thinking I should go voluntarily.


                                Econo okay I give, why does seeing a kingfisher then require eating pumpkin pie?  Confused


                                CNYrunner yea, that is what they all say.  Me included.  I once said no full marathons.  I bet on Intrade claims that CNYrunner will run something longer than 50k in the next few years go for about a buck.  Wink


                                Holl S. and tselbs enjoy what reasonably good weather you have while you have it!  Around here it is totally miserable out today.


                                Sarge congratulations on the AG placements for you and your DW.


                                My DW ran 5 today despite the weather.  She had some hip issues following a HM in October and I am happy to report she says the is getting quite a bit better.  Since I am still banned from running I did a workout in the gym.  After that my DW and I went off to get a Christmas tree and some wreathes.  All are now up so that leaves me with one more job prior to undecorating on New Years and that is putting the lights up on the tree.  All decorating chores are the obligation of my DW and here family.  I got it written right here on our marriage license!  Big grin

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