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    Well...he did it. Eric passed his driving test. Oh boy!

      Yay Mike!! Your life is hopefully going to get a lot less complicated Smile


      Nice gesture Timbo. I hope your boss doesn't find out and the woman you helped will "pay it forward."


      Great news about your DW Norm. I hope her recovery continues to go well.


      3 miles this morning, 9:26 pace in beautiful, sunny 34° temps. Did a 3 hour shift at one of the homeless shelters. Over capacity and a lot of young people there last night. Hug your kids and tell them you love them.


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        That's nice timbo. Sorry about all those other things I said about you.

        I'm sure many here share in what you did in one way or the other too.


        2-cat:  You've got me wondering.

        Is it an annual or lifetime $100?

        I only have Japan but how many countries did you have to list?

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          Five miles on the treadmill this morning before the gaggle awakened. Off to run around town and get a few details before the swim meet starts this afternoon.


            Very nice holiday spirit gesture Timbo. Way to pay it forward. I get the insurance issue and it's sad that a few rotten apples spoil it for the rest of us as so well explained by TC.


            I never figured you for a Stooges fan Ribs. You are alright in my book. Nothing better than some Stooges episodes with DS1 and DS2. Nuck nuck nuck.


            Congrats Mike. I think.


            Things are well and likely we will get out of the hospital tonight. I got a quick 5k under my belt when my SIL came to visit. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers and overall good vibes. I shared this with DW and she was very happy. Thank you for that from me.


            SteveP - the 5k is on 2.23 and the HM is on 2.24. It is my birthday present to myself. Hopefully you can make it and we might get to connect. Can you make me some moose pancakes too?

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              tetsujin209 from what I can tell it will be $100 every 5 years.  They told me my current status would be good for five years and then I would need to renew it.


              Mike E oh I am so sorry!  My deepest sympathies to your family, your car and your checkbook!  Big grin

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                Mike E,congrats to your son for passing his test. Now to get a car! I've been through that a few times now,and have one of my sons scheduled for his driving test next month. It is nice when you don't have to chauffeur them around.


                Sigh....Basketball games for me today. I just woke and I'll be out the door in 15 minutes. This is after only 1.5 on the TM last night because of schedule conflicts. I usually don't run Saturday because I stay up all day to spend time with my family. Sunday AM I have to work. Monday would be the 1st day I can run unless I run AFTER work. I've never felt comfortable doing this as I like to run when I get up,down a cup of coffee,and go. Maybe I'll give Saturday AM or Sunday afternoon a shot,but I always feel like I have a brick in my stomach if I run later in the day. Winters are tough,going from 45 miles per week in the summer to this. I'll have to see how it goes.........

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                  Happy Birthday Weekend to David!  Tammy, I can hardly believe he is already turning 13.


                  Yay for Eric passing his test!


                  Fly-by as the family waits for me to join them for family movie night - The Amazing Spiderman awaits....


                  2 miles on the TM this morning, in between sets of weights and core, probably 35 minutes of that plus the running.


                  Good Luck Weekend Racers!

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                    Hi all!


                    So glad that all is well and getting better C-R. Still thinking of you all.

                    Ran 4 miles this morning with strides in the closing mile to wake up the legs and then another 2.8 tonight with Hudson, cold rain and all. Hudson was wearing a new blinkie light on his collar (in addition to his reflective vest)  and that seemed to inspire a fast pace on his part. I'll run just a few miles tomorrow morning before getting on the flight to CA. Looks like a perfect day for a half marathon in Pomona on Sunday. roar.


                    Rare quiet Friday night here---no hockey or major plans, just hanging out with my guys (the fuzziest one curled up on my legs and snoring like a boss. 



                      MikeE - Congrats to Eric!  Boy, it's amazing how he has changed over the last year or so.  It sounds like you've got a good kid on your hands.  And I enjoyed the comedy routine!


                      You have a big heart, Timbo.  Don't ever lose it.


                      Did an hour of core/strength training last night, then 4 EZ miles this a.m.  First frost of the season, and boy was it chilly!  Wore long running tights and a long sleeve shirt and was almost wishing I'd worn my winter tights.


                      Tomorrow, I and my boss meet with clients at 9:30 to sign estate planning docs, then 15 trail miles with Karen are on the schedule.  Tomorrow's the lottery for Western States.  Karen's sister, Kate, has her name in 3x.  Keeping fingers crossed she gets in!

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                        The world could use a few more like you Timbo. It does not sound like bragging, but more of a reminder that we can all do something. 


                        Oh MikeE. Some days start like that. Sad


                        TW.... Batmobile...


                        Tammy, I fondly remember a Christmas video you shared of your DS opening a gift.


                        C-R..I think we should be back by the 16th. DD#1 is setting up arrangements and that scares the living carp outta me. I'd love to do the 5K with Noah while down there though. It would be great for him.


                        I got full time hours in 5 days this week instead of three. Sweet.