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East Coasters Check In Please (Read 271 times)

    Thanks -- hoping everyone is OK.  Take care!

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      Prayers for all  our friends on the East Coast!

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        Hang tough folks. We're praying for you here in the Midwest.

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          Hmm, I know a lot of folks are out of power...


            ........yes, but they'll Appreciate the Thought later........

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              Hi friends .... just checking in from Mass. - I spent the night on Cape Cod with my in-laws and they did fine - no power loss.  Hubby was holding down the fort at home and we were spared too.   


              Hope others are checking in .... thanks for all the positive thoughts!!



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                We are fine in Southeast Virginia! Kept our power. Only debris and small limbs scattered around the yard. NASA is back to work. It is very cold now.

                I am quite concerned about Mustang Mom and Nono and Hally and Orange Mat and PBJ and TwoCat and all those in NYC and NJ and CT! 


                Thanks for asking!

                Now I would like to hear from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan and Upstate New York! 

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                  thanks denise. thanks econo.

                  2Kat checked in on the daily but there are so many past and present boomers

                  out there in harm's way,  especially, wasn't OM right in the very middle of it? 

                  Very scary.

                  Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

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                    Yes, I am worried about Hally in Long Island!


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                      haven't heard from Hally, but OM posted on FB today and sounds like everything is ok with her!


                      Trails are hard!

                        It was strange here in Charlotte, NC.  An hour east got lots of rain and an hour west got snow.  All we got was a little wind and cold.


                        I left DW back at home in MA and she survived with little difficulty--only about 15 minutes of outage.  Also no flooding, wind damage, or zombie plagues.  all is good.

                        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                          This is what twocat posted on the daily today with his limited internet access:


                          We lost our power and will likely be out for several days.  Some other damage to our lawn and inconvenience but nothing we will not survive.  Down by the shore it was a different story!  The water came up 7' and swamped homes and businesses down there.  My DW and I are now at a friend's house where there is power and HOT water for showers!  No running for us today (or me in the near future) just a long walk around the area to see what was up.  A lot of trees came down (taking wires with them) that blocked various major roads around our house.  Going the mile from our place to the beach (totally flooded!) required a rather circuitous route!


                          Thanks for starting this thread, Econo.

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                            Nono and her family are fine - they opted not to evacuate, and she posted on FB that they're okay.

                            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                              Thanks, all -- keep the news coming!

                                We're at the airport flying home today and it looks like Logan is open. Minimal damage at our condo based on emails Thanks econo