Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.00 mi5:155:15Farmington6/18/2011View Race
5.00 km17:56.925:47MDRA Victory 5K9/7/2009View Race
3.91 mi25:45.786:36St. James2/15/2015View Race
4.00 mi23:205:50St. James6/23/2011View Race
8.00 km32:18.606:30Flandrau State Park10/13/2012View Race
10.00 km37:236:01Mankato5/25/2009View Race
7.00 mi51:08.517:19Seven Mile Creek Park5/4/2013View Race
12.00 km46:33.686:15Schell's 12K5/17/2014View Race
15.00 km59:146:22MDRA 15K Edina8/9/2009View Race
10.00 mi1:02:43.096:17Stillwater7/25/2009View Race
Half Marathon1:23:54.116:24Moustache Run11/28/2015View Race
15.00 mi1:36:55.726:28East River Road1/1/2015View Race
20.00 mi2:15:26.886:47St. Cloud - Earth Day4/17/2010View Race
Marathon2:54:09.226:39Boston Marathon4/18/2011View Race
26.50 mi3:15:077:22Mankato10/22/2017View Race
29.91 mi7:08:08.1814:19Seven Mile Creek4/29/2017View Race
50.00 km3:46:487:18Peachtree City11/11/2012View Race
39.36 mi9:25:21.7314:22Western States6/25/2016View Race
43.50 mi13:54:47.3019:12Superior Hiking Trail9/8/2017View Race
44.68 mi11:00:01.5014:47Superior Hiking Trail9/9/2016View Race
50.00 mi6:55:34.658:19Lean Horse 508/24/2013View Race
52.53 mi17:01:56.0319:28Superior Hiking Trail9/9/2016View Race
58.41 mi15:00:02.4815:25Superior Hiking Trail9/8/2017View Race
61.17 mi13:30:07.5813:15Western States6/25/2016View Race
100.00 km13:37:30.5313:10Wild Duluth10/18/2014View Race
84.74 mi11:59:51.258:30Lake Nokomis6/2/2012View Race
100.00 mi15:37:239:23Lean Horse 1008/25/2012View Race