2013 Triple Bypass Mtn. Race

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Terrain: Trail

Notes: This is by far the toughest 'Mountain Race' I have ever encountered. None of the terrain is easy, either due to the fact that you run it carrying a brick, or that the terrain is incredibly steep and rocky or an un-mowed bushwhack. Its toughness is equally mental and physical. Rough sketch of the course. 50 slalom burpees, 5 sets of 10 burpees with a 50' slalom course run after each set. Runners pick up a 6lb. brick and ride the charilift approximately 7 minutes. The brick must be carried for the entire course, until the cinderblock is carried in the finish area, see below. Runners pass a hiker's lean-to on the way to the summit along an extremely technical and often vertical hiking trail. Runners decend along another hiking trail only slightly less challenging than the ascent to perform 50 air squats and 30 ahnd- release pushups at the lean-to. Runners proceed across the mountain to run up, down, and back up the mountain on primarily un-mowed bushwhack trails. On the final ascent, runners arrive at a pavillion where each runner performs 30 burpee box jumps onto the log benches. Runners decend through technical hiking trails, bushwhack, and some weed-whacked sections to the finish area. At the finish area, each runner exchanges their brick for a cinderblock, 50lb for males and 30lb for females. Shuttle-style each runner performs reverse-lunges carrying the cinderblock for 150 feet total, in 3 50 foot intervals, sprinting back to the start after each set of reverse lunges, for a total of 150 feet of lunges and 300 feet of 'running'. After completing the final sprint, runners perform 50x squat thrusts with the cinderblock. After squat thrusts, runners perform 300 reps of jumping rope, doubleunders allowed only for the entire quantity, no partial credit. After jump rope, runners sprint back up the slalom course they started on and and back to the jump rope area to finish the race.