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2:00 PM

4 mi


9:55 mi


157 lb
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Nonotuck 4


After some Kinstretch.:

CARs. Back has been sore and needed some loosening up.

90/90 ER P&R, Sleeper IR P&R, Bottoms up screwdrivers from Supine and Tall Kneeling, Prone Swimmer extensions.

Felt more effective at the 90/90 position, better posture screwing my hips around and correct joint fire sensation.

Bottoms up screwdrivers were really tough on the left, excellent to find that weakness.

Slight right hip soreness at the start of the run, no problem after half a minute of attention. Felt great at the end of the run. Tried to feel that Weck rhythm in my hands.

Ordered a pair of David Weck pulsers the other day. Looks like a fad but I recognize a timing of the hand movement I've learned over the years and have a hard time getting back to. Using the upper body correctly for a lower body activity is higher level shit. Hope to get it correctly understood and unconcious by using these.