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1:00 PM

6.5 mi


11:40 mi


157.6 lb


Committed to full obstacles. Added a half mile to go back and take a salt pill. Peed pretty yellow.

7:38 To the sandpit

1:43 5x Sandpit climbs

7:42 To the Old pumphouse

2:09 10x C2B and Climber flow, have to re-watch the Mike Fitch video on this one. Confused on the last move.

4:31 Cat crawls for the first time in a long time.

37:23 Up and down, didn't do anything at the summit.

:37 12x HSPU and got right back on the run.

7:17 to the final stretch. Really feeling it after the Monument climb.

1:00 10x Pullups were a mental exercise of imagining 15.

5:38 to the gate.

Very tough, doubting the wisdom of so much work. Got it all done with a lot of power hiking up the steep sections.