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10:00 AM

6.2 mi


6:41 mi


153 lb

Race Result

11 / 84 (13.1%)


Got to the start area just as the race started, so my watch is a little off but correctable. I was buried in the small crowd for the first quarter mile, picked off a few runners and had settled into cruising position by mile 1. Got within 15-20 feet of the kid ahead of me but couldn't hold the ground on all the up and downs, he widened the gap by quite a bit in a sprint for the finish. I feel pretty good about the race. The start was complicated and preparation far less than ideal, so I can't complain. This all meant that I never really could muster a good finishing buildup and sprint. The course was awesome, a good variety of grades, short and steep and long and winding ascents. Most of it on dirt so the pounding wasn't too bad, and beautiful. Leaves are turning and the views of rolling farmland were incredible. Plenty of baked goods, Maple Syrup and Apple Cider flowing at the finish.