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17 mi


6:11 mi


Great long run up bike path and back. My splits were all a bit fast on the bike path (~5:58), but it felt really controlled and relaxed. Early in the day I had been on a five hour leisurely stroll through Potash Brook, so I was a bit zapped from that - though I did get a 2 hour nap in afterwards.

Rock tripe is a type of lichen found growing throught the world. Lichens are associations of a fungus and an algae (described more accurately as a fungus that has discovered agriculture), which allows them to exploit some of the harshest habitats. This lichens name implies people's distaste for it (tripe as in worthless), but I found it quite delicious cooked up in a nice soup. They are super duper hardy and can survive over a year of drought. When they dry out they turn this brownish green color, but a little bit of water and they perk up and turn a nice healthy green.