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8x1000, 200m jog. Felt pretty spent by the end. I wound up biking about 15 miles yesterday and swimming a bunch too, so I didn't have much of a recovery from Sunday's long run so I was happy with how I was able to run this morning.

I saw a bobcat track on Sunday during the river ramble. The only sign I saw was a pair of prints, one overlaid over the other. The metacarpal pad on a bobcat's front foot registers much deeper than on the rear track. As expected, the rear foot was laid down over the front foot, its rear metacarpal pad not as deeply marked as the front. Cat tracks are more rounded than a dog, fox, or coyote's would be. They're also asymmetrical, similar to ours. So in looking at the print, I could tell it was a right paw because it's 2nd toe (middle left) was longer than its 3rd (middle right).