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24 mi


6:25 mi

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Felt pretty drained, but also felt pretty quick on the way back during the flats on Cabrillo and through Montecito. The first part was all uphill and muy dificil so I was pretty happy with my total time for this. Didn't get home last night until about 1:30am from my bike ride to Goleta so I was pretty tired from that. Tonight will be early to bed for monteago.

Route -> Out to San Roque, back along Foothills -> Mtn Rd -> Las Canoas -> Gibraltar -> Mtn -> San Ysidro -> 192 -> Sheffield -> Jameson -> Coast Village Rd -> Cabrillo -> State -> Up to Arrellaga and back with strides.

Saw some acorn woodpeckers; they tend to cluster in 2s and 3s make shrill little rapid fire jay calls. Towhees also out in abundance. Saw a mockingbird as well. Got harassed in the beginning and felt embarassed as I flipped them off and yelled, "Fuck you" before I knew what I was doing. I'm sick of people in general. Later I gave a woman directions to Montecito so I feel at least partially redeemed.