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26.5 mi


6:15 mi

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Pretty good run. I ran out the causeway towards S. Hero only to find that about 12 miles in there's a gap (the raison d'etre for the summer ferrry), so I jumped in swam across and kept running. About a mile and a quarter later I stopped to pee and peed blood. I'd been averaging around 6-6:05/mile up to this point and had planned on keeping this up, but didn't want to push myself into a dangerous position. So I slowed it up and hydrated at the nearest park (5 more miles). I had to pee two more times, both with blood. I've been half fasting for the past few days, which was definitely the cause - plus I was super dehydrated today. I'm going to rest and drink loads of water and monitor how I feel, but I don't anticipate having to take any days off. More annoying than anything else.