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1 mi


4:40 mi


Doubled back for the mile after the 5k (about 10 minute rest between). Felt alright, super smooth the first lap but that's because it was super slow (73), then a 70, then I took the lead and got us back on track with another 69 and closed in 68 for a 4:40.

My kick was maybe the best part of this race. I really don't know why I just couldn't push myself. It was easy to pass Oli, but that's because we were running 4:45 pace. It was hard to respond when he passed me, and I just didn't. I only responded on that home stretch when I got passed by somebody else. I think he was a coach as there were a bunch of HS runners on the sidelines cheering for him and it got me all riled up and I wound up out kicking him and almost catching Oli. Where's that fight when I'm running by myself? Why can't I muster that? Will it be there for VCM? We'll see, I guess.