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13.1 mi


5:27 mi

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Okay race. 1st fast barefoot race to date.

1 mile 5:25

2 mile 10: 50

5 mile 27:12

Then I kind of lost track, but I'm pretty sure I was hitting 5:23 pace for a while.

At around mile 4 I kind of bonked. I think I started speeding up, but it felt pretty uninspired. At mile 10.5 my legs buckled a bit and I struggled to hold on (I definitely slowed down as I think I was on 1:10 somehting pace for a while).

Sounds like I was more disappointed than I actually was. This race was pretty good overall. Got to test my speed out. I definitely haven't done enough long runs and need to change that if I'm going to have any success at VCM. I was a bit hesitant coming in after last weeks workout (a 10k time trial that I split into 5k at 15:48, 3 minute jog, 5k at 16:00). I need to start getting consistent again so I can go into the race with more confidence.

I did hear my first song sparrow of the year along the coast at mile 11, which was great.