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Pretty brisk pace out on modoc to las palmas through hope ranch watching orion shoot over the western horizon with his dogs close at heel. finished the long way via posas -> de la vina. good run with sean waiting for me back at the apt when I got home. clay came home and we biked over to ashley's for a potluck (about 6 miles of biking total). found a dead rat on the way home. took it home and cooked it up for supper. not very good, kind of stringy and dry. actuallyv it really grossed me out. i just don't like meat.

the day in all started out good (great car ride with mom to baltimore airport around 7am est) then flew to vegas. at the airport, i was horrified at how fat and unhealthy this country is. it's disgusting. at each gate the airline had preboarding for handicapped people, all of whom were morbidly obese. it gets me pretty down to see people with so little control over the movements of their body. once in cali i took a shuttle from lax to sb and one woman who got on was breathing hard just after climbing the steps to get in. i needed to clear my head so as soon as i got home i threw on my shoes and headed out. the run felt more like a statement against the lifestyle that so so much of this country chooses than anything else. even the skinny ones have a layer of sedentary droop that hangs from their incapable frames. i get so down whenever i travel because i'm reminded of this world that exists. most of my friends or the people i interact with on a regular basis are active and engaged. i rarely see the other parts of the cross-section, but am often sorely disappointed.