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7 mi


6:26 mi

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Ran down East to indoor track, then putzed around campus for a bit before heading over to the golf course, out onto Rice Memorial HS, which has a few trails surrounding it that connect to Joy Rd, the business park adjacent to the bike path. Ran bike path back through campus and then home. Rainy run, beautiful day. Took awhile to hitchhike back to Burlington from Chetan's because it's illegal at his stop, which is ridiculous, esp with the AT right there. So I walked about 4 miles to the next stop, passed up 2 rides heading south to the 89, took the third, then got a ride pretty quickly from Adam and Sue all the way to my door. A long day, but I'm ready to be back in Burlington.

I'm excited to get back up to high mileage. I love running so much and want to run more, faster, and harder, but have to temper myself.