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26.2 mi


5:36 mi

Race Result

1 / 200 (0.5%)


Just a fantastic day. Perfect weather with a slight south breeze (a huge boon on the way home).

These are the splits that I remember


10:58 (2 miles)

39:09 (7 miles)

55:56 (10 miles)

1:12:44 (13 miles)

1:13:12 (1/2 marathon)

1:34:34 (17 miles)

1:50:20 (20 miles)

2:01:07 (22 miles)

2:08:08 (23 miles)

2:19:44 (25 miles)

1:13:26 for the second half. Felt so awesome for the first 21.5 miles. The hill at that point was pretty exhausting and kind of took the wind out of my sails. Overall, I think I ran a strong race. I had to stop around mile 10 to pee (~16 seconds), but otherwise I felt really smooth. I wanted to try and negative split so at the turnaround I hit a few 5:20-5:27s, but this certainly caught up to me. The last mile + was long and straight and pretty exhausting, the last two miles were most definitely my slowest. Tried taking in gatorade with 3 left because I was worried my legs were cramping up and I didn't have enough salts, but this splashed in my eyes and wasn't helpful at all. Same with water. A waterbottle would be great, but as it was I only had about a cup of fluid and no solids.