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8:02 AM

10 km


6:31 mi


158 lb


28 F

Race Result

2 / 70 (2.9%)
1 / 2 (50%)


Temp 28 Wind 3 mph.

RD says we have 120 with "more 10K than 5K", so going to say we have 70 in the 10K. Not a whole lot of familar faces. Lots of SEMO kids, about half a dozen Ghisallo folks, a couple of ND HS CC runners (They're not at state today, so no fear), and Chad Sierman here to make us all look like the amateurs we are.

Faster shake out than normal. I'm running 4th less than a tenth mile into the race when a middle aged woman comes sprinting by me?? Next climb is 0.25 miles into race. I pass her on the way up as HS starts to cramp up again. Well, crap! Six miles of pure hell.

(Guess this is my last race for a while. Rip it to shreds...what the hell. Finish and see where I place.)

Chad is leaving us all already. Two men in front of me, but don't know if they are in the 5K or 10K. Right on Lombardo and into a steep drop as we approach half a mile in. HS screams all the way down as I pass the next guy and move into 3rd. Try to find a comfort zone as we begin two significant climbs over the next mile. Get into a stride that allows me to manage the pain. First mile split is 6:25. Great considering, but not a snowball's chance to hold this.

Take down next runner as we climb on Dunklin. Hit the top of Dunklin and head down Perry Avenue. I'm in 2nd, but cannot see Chad. Into Capahaw Park and can see almost half a mile ahead...there is no Chad, he is gone, but is he in the 10K or 5K? Go through second mile in 6:43 with the hills. Not too far off my original plan, so maybe I can push this a little. Have about two miles of favorable course. Had planned to drop it to 6:15ish around here, so take a stab at it. Series of surges, cramping, back down, and repeat cycle. It just ain't going to work any faster than around 6:30. Pack the sub-40 and PR away for the day. Decide again to just run and try to survive.

Am past the 5K / 10K split point now. Ask race official at Houck Stadium if I'm in 2nd. She says, "Yes", so know Chad is in the 10K. Pass a vocal race official as we near the three mile split. Hear her cheering on another runner about 10 seconds behind me. I've got company. (Was 30-year old Kevin D. from Cape...he introduced himself after the race.) Through mile three at 6:29. As good as I can be today, but not good enough. Repeat another 6:29 for mile four. Continue to hear officials encourage KD. Although it does not sound like he is gaining, resign myself to 3rd place OA if I can finish.

Mile five is 0.97 of uphill. Moving as fast as my HS will let me. Close, but not over the edge on cardio. Sub-40 would have been so easy today...damn! Mile five split is 6:46. Mile six is a net 60 foot elevation drop over the entire mile. Bad thing is it hurts worse to run downhill than it does to climb. Catch a break as entire left leg goes numb between Stadium and Capahaw Park. Just try to relax and run. From the sounds of things at Clark Street, I may have have opend another five seconds on KD. Make right on Kingsway Drive just shy of six mile split. Short steep drop on bumpy pavement. Holy crap...ouch!! Sixth mile split 6:19.

Last turn into parking lot and up a small hill to finish. About 0.1 mile to go. See clock turn over to 40:00. Come this far, I will, by golly, get something out of this even if my leg falls off. Let loose and hammer it to cross the line at 40:26. A five second PR. Kevin D. in behind me at 40:36. Grabs me immediately after race, asks who I am, says he's been on my tail for four miles, but could not run me down..."you're one hell of a runner." Gracious guy. Probably wondered why I was crying...not really, just felt like it with throbbing HS. Made a mad-dash limp to the nearest ice chest.

Chad S. runs a 35:XX to take 1st OA. That's sick. I'm 2nd OA and 1st AG. (Now this is something a lot of RDs could learn from. They were only going to give awards to top five OA in 10K. Didn't matter gender or age. But when more people signed up for 10K than 5K, she went out and got awards for OA and 10-year male and female age divisions. That was cool.)

Nice day for Ghisallo. Chellie wins OA female for 10K. Shannon A. and Tayna W. win AG awards. All Ghisallo runners in 10K PRed.

Appear to be done racing for 2010. Sub-40 10K will have to wait until 2011. Maybe Herrinfest?? Learned a lot. Know I can get there and know how to do it. Hope to feel good enough to jog easy in the morning so I don't miss out on the CBE Masters Group Run. We'll see. Right now, HS hurts on back and both sides of my leg from ass to knee.