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2:05 PM

5 km


6:26 mi


150 lb


89 F

Race Result

1 / 54 (1.9%)
1 / 5 (20%)


Temp 89 (91) Wind 12 mph. Gust to 20 mph.

Record high temperature today. Count bodies on bus ride out. 14 rows, two to a seat, only 2-3 empty seats. One RD. Car drops off another runner at starting line. Will call it at 54 in the field. Brutally hot and will have a headwind last mile and change. Know a few people from high school and living here for many years, but have only raced against one guy. He takes the lead at the gun. I catch him at about 1/10 a mile. He tries to stay with me and I still hear foot steps at 0.5 miles. Check Garmin and we are at a 5:55 pace. Even with the down hills, bad for me, but worse for him. Lose him on the next incline and try to relax and settle in. First mile split 6:10 and can already feel the heat and hills have taken hold.

Relax through the second mile. Know the race is over. Favorable terrain. 6:17 split (which is close to what I ran the last half of the first mile). Make the last turn at 2.14 miles into the race. Will have to finish into the headwind. Felt the 12 mph wind, but got lucky with no gusts that I noticed. Cardio actually does not feel too bad, but legs have fried. Police car escort, and I'm getting shots of exhaust fumes every now and then to boot. Know this one is mine and know I have to turn around and race the mile in a little over half an hour. Will put this on cruise control and get ready for next race. 7:31 for the last 1.14 miles (6:36). Garmin distance 3.14 miles. Knew course was going to be a little long. That's a winner.

Nice racing in my old high school hometown. Nice to race with Gary C. for the first time. Friends for nearly 40 years now. Gary at one time held the school record for the two mile. My OA got him the 50-59 AG win.