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5:46 AM

10.2 mi


8:31 mi


69 F


Temp 69 Wind 9 mph. Humidity 86% Dew Point 69 degrees.

Post-Race Long Run. Wanting double digits and about 90 minutes on my feet. Radar says I will get wet, but have just about that long before the thunder and lighting roll in. Over to PP Highway, out to the US 67 interchange, and back. Just in time. Legs in decent shape. Three different beds in four nights. Way down on my sleep after several restless nights. Off day on Tuesday.

Thinking about yesterday and races where you are not familar with a lot of the runners. Natural to "scope out" the field and try to pick out who may be a real deal. Two of note yesterday. Younger kid (19-22), fit, Under Armour gear, and decent pair of shoes. Looked solid until he got off the bus and did a couple of striders. Weak ankles as feet went in eight different directions every time he lifted his legs. Another 20-something fit dude dressed head to toe in high dollar tri gear. Looked down and he had on Newtons. Like seeing a Hell's Angel riding a Huffy.