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1:00 PM

3 km


5:04 mi


160 lb
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First race of track, went right according to plan. 3 guys were seeded under 9 in front of Shane, and we knew at least 2 of them were capable of that, so we got out the first lap, and lead the second group behind them, but we relaxed and let them go. I heard 38s pretty much every lap, but one lap I did the math and it was a 39. Good start to the season, especially no workouts. I think the goal for the Bowdoin meet is to get down to <9:05, if possible break 9, so that at Terrier, I can shoot for <8:45 and earn my way into Valentine, and The ARMORY.

Most everyone on the distance team seemed to have a good race. A lot of the sophomores who broke out this past fall PR'd, and everyone who didn't ran what they expected.

Coach seemed to have the perfect thing to say to me each lap today. Whether it was the 38s I had just run, or just telling me what time of the race it was and what I needed to do, it was what I needed to hear from him.