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8:23 AM

22.2 mi


8:51 mi


152 lb
133 bpm
170 bpm


67 F
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Ridgefield and Chapel Hill Rd Hills

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Temp was 67 and weight 152 when I started this long run. I did not make a plan but had some ideas where I wanted to run. The first 10.5 miles were pretty easy and HR never really reached the point where I think it should be for a long run. I stopped for water at Stephen's, Flat Branch, and MKT. At 10.5 I was at the top of the big hill on Ridgefield Rd where I planned to do hill repeats. I completed 6 of them (1.2 mi total) and then decided to go run one of the hills on Chapel Hill Rd. I really needed water but decided to do the hill repeats first. I ran 3 repeats on the hill up to Fairview, and then decided it was time to head home since I was at 15 mi.

Got a drink at Twin Lakes, but not much since the water pressure was not good and water was warm. I ran on the trail and stopped at Forum trail head and got a long drink. Thought about taking the southern route home from here, but thought that would push me over 22 mi so ran back up Forum to Stadium.

After the first set of hill repeats, my pace was much slower and I was feeling really fatigued. I figured after I hit the flat trail it would improve but didn't help much. The last 7 miles were not good. My HR was climbing and my pace was not getting faster.

Got home and weighed myself and I was down 6.6 lbs so it is no wonder I felt like crap during most of the latter part of this run. I did not eat much before the run and nothing during. I usually carry a water bottle and Nunn but thought I could rely on the fountains but it was not enough today. I sweated pretty heavily but I don't think the temp got above 72 while I was out. I think I finished just in time. This was a good run for endurance and hills but not speed.