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    Hi there, im new to running and i have been getting really bad shin splints, (think it's shin splints), enough to where i know that is what is holding me back. I've been running for ~2 months maybe 2-3x a week more or less depending on how much my shins hurt me. I have bought proper running shoes, insoles, i do stretches and warm up walks before i start into jogging. When i walk i feel 100%, just the added impact of a jog/run is too much.


    My shin pain hurts so much i can barely make it a mile before i have to stop for the day. If i happen to go past that i will be unable to properly run the next day or the day after as my shins will hurt. The pain is just my shins, my knees feel fine as do my toes, arch of my foot, heel...etc...etc.


    I do not strike with my heel, i have focused on trying to land mid foot. For the first ~0.4 it's pretty bad, then after the 1/2 mile mark the shin pain dies down a tad, enough to wear i feel comfortable almost, then near the end of my mile i feel myself felling more pain and i stop.


    I have tried quite a few stretches and different ways tom land my foot and running strides but nothing makes a difference.


    And this is mostly running on a treadmill, ive tried running on grass and i feel a little less pressure and impact but not nearly enough to say it helps.


    Since im new idk if im supposed to feel this as my legs get stronger or if this is abnormal for someone just starting.


    Im 21, ~125-130 pounds and 5'3"
    I can walk ~100 miles per week no problem and have year round from the job i have at the moment, but jogging i cant go even 1 mile.

    Not dead. Yet.

      Since im new idk if im supposed to feel this as my legs get stronger or if this is abnormal for someone just starting.


      I don't think it's uncommon.  I had them very bad as well.  Overall I think you just need to keep going as best you can, work through them, and eventually the pain will just stop.  Most of it is the muscles on the front of your shins, so some exercises/stretches targeting those muscles will probably help.  (Google returns hundreds of links.)  Ice them right after your runs and take ibuprofen and keep going!  The pain will soon stop and the next thing you know you will be doing 5 milers like nothing.  I think it took around 3 months for the pain to stop completely for me.  Then it's on to other pains...lol.

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        First off I'm not an expert but can share my experience. I suffered and suffered with shin splints all through high school during cross country and track. It wasn't until about 3 years ago I learned about the importance of the right shoe for your foot and running style. I have not had any problems since. I would suggest going to your local running store and having them help you out. Or if you can't  look up info on under pronating, over pronating, and foot arch type. Sorry I can't paste any links with my phone. MTA: I also switched to Newtons which promote mid foot/forefoot landing. there are a lot of zero drop shoes out now that also should help with this.


          If you are running mostly on a treadmill, try setting the incline to about 1%  or 2% instead of flat.  That made a difference for me.


            I would recommend going to a local shoe store that specializes in running shoes and get yourself a properly fitted pair of running shoes.

            Also ice your sore shins after running.

            I eat a banana every day.

            Self massaging the sore shins helps.



                Overall I think you just need to keep going as best you can, work through them, and eventually the pain will just stop.  


              If only!


              If it's discomfort that goes away after a mile or two, you're probably okay. Pain that doesn't let up? You should have it checked out. I tried to keep running through real pain, and did run a half marathon mostly in agony....turns out I had a pretty bad stress fracture.

                discomfort vs pain ?    that is always the question.   the more miles & time on your feet you log, the more experience you will have in knowing the difference.


                good luck


                  I stop if i have enough pain to where i think i wont be able to walk home properly since i walk to and from the gym.

                  Like today, i ran, or tried to, run a mile but i stopped at 1/2 mile and said i was done.


                  Im working on getting fitted for shoes atm, next best thing i have heard is stretching my anterior tibialis muscles, after reading a few sites and seeing a few pictures that is where all of my pain is.


                  Any stretches any of you have?


                  I do the toe one where you point your feet up and lean against a wall or something sturdy so you dont fall. Also the one where you lift up and stand on your toes and slowly go back down. Along with the usual calf and hamstring stretches.


                  I will try the incline on the treadmill next time i go.


                    Here's a great shin splint PT routine. It worked wonders for me!





                    Bless your heart.


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                      My experience leads me to suggest that you do a lot of (fast) walking to strengthen your calf muscles.

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                        Well after a week of letting my shins heal up and not running at all, along with ice and stretches daily i ran 1 mile in ~8.5-9 minutes with almost no pain, a little pain but not enough to keep me from running the entire way. Then i let my legs heal again fully before i tried running again which was another week or so. I happened to be able to reduce my time down to 7:36 which so far is my best. Usually i was hitting 9-15 minutes depending on how my shins held up. Fortunately i can say after the last time i ran i have no shin splint pain Big grin

                        Lets hope i can keep up the momentum and increase my distance slowly, my goal is 3.1 miles or 5K, so i think i will slowly increase the length i run each time i go. Nothing over 10% though.


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                          Rest is usually required to give shin splints a chance to heal -- sounds like you got that going with your short layoffs.


                          For shin splint prevention, try this routine.  http://www.sportsinjurybulletin.com/archive/0161.htm

                          from "Warm up to stronger shins and avoid shin splints" down.

                          I had some success instituting this with a HS cross-country team.  Shin splints went down from 2-4 cases per season to at most one case per season for 5 years.   Not necessarily cause & effect, there were other changes, but...