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3:00 PM

8 mi


22:30 mi


At the bottom of T-bar, 3 mins animal flow. At the Chairlift, 10 climb overs. Repeated for a 2nd trip. 20 climb overs for me on the 2nd trip waiting for Nye.

Nye and I had different starts. We both began swapping carrying duties, bringing a jug of water in. I had left patellar pain with each step and gave up on that before we headed over to the B17 memorial. I carried it back to the car while Nye continued on the course. I then went straight up to the radio towers, down the trail to B17 memorial he would come up, hung a right over to top of T-bar and went down to meet him at the Quarry where he was carrying rocks. I had recovered my knee and we continued on the summits.

We did one lap of T-bar and the Reservoir road and started a 2nd. The 2nd climb up was very tough on Nye, much farther behind. I did a second set of climb ups with him when he got there. The climb was mostly power hiking, all my glutes etc. were totally fired up. I didn't see much benefit to going back down to powerhike up B17, but in hindsight I wish we did. We returned along the escarpment where there was a lot of waiting for Nye. I think the easy paved climb of B17 would have squeezed some more running out of us, and we would have gotten in another round of Animal Flow. That said, it was a late night. We visited Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Pat afterward.