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9:00 AM

10 km


6:49 mi


149 lb


58 F

Race Result

1 / 55 (1.8%)
1 / 1 (100%)
1 / 26 (3.8%)
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BOH 10K (2)


Temp 58 Wind 6 mph.

Overall numbers appear down. More 10K and 5K bibs, and less HM bibs. Spending minutes before gun (siren) to suppress several unexpected stressors: (1) have a tire going flat and will have to deal with that before heading back, (2) rummaging in trunk for fix-a-flat, cut myself and can't stop blood from running down back of hand and in between fingers, and (3) ripped sock in warm-up and expect to get nice blister before all said and done.

Line up behind Adam R, the 2018 10K OA winner. (34-year old water patrol trooper and triathlete. Mid-low 5-hour half ironman. Posted a low-2 sprint tri in 96° weather last summer.)

Start out in 5th OA after cresting first small hill. In second OA by about mid-way up first large hill before 1-mile split. See AR look back twice just before crest. Was running behind him last year when in the HM and remembered him going up at about 7:15ish, then finishing around 46:00. Check at the top and we're at 7:04. (Talking with him after race, said he always goes out hot to attempt to break opponents mentally from the start. Had another runner go with him and wanted to put him away on that hill. When he got to top and looked back he saw me instead of him. Looked back a second time because surprised to see it was another red 10K bib.) May have broke the guy, but threw blood in the water doing it.

Pull up beside him along Oak Grove and wait for hills over next mile on Windwood, Oakmore, Crestwood, Russell, and Holly Trails. Pass him before we crest Windwood. (Told me he knew he was in trouble when I pulled up beside him and was breathing relaxed. Said as he watched me pull away and roll the hills nice and smooth, was thinking how he'd won overall last year, but knew right then and there wasn't going to happen this year.)

Was at 7:01 average pace coming off Holly Trails and back onto Oak Grove. Time to get settled in and relax on the upcoming long Shelby downhill. Sun pokes through clouds about now and starts to get noticeably warmer. Feel a breeze coming from the ESE. After making right on Tucker Road, have the breeze at my back and thermostat start to rise quickly. Get to the turnaround at 4.60 mile mark, stop at aid station, and pour two cups of water down my front and back. Head back into the breeze with wet skin and a wet shirt. Feel refreshed and can feel my bounce pick back up. Cross paths with AR and two other 10Kers on way back. Have maybe close to 2:00 minutes on them. Can feel myself getting progressively faster. Just need to keep doing what I'm doing.

Had plenty of cardio to give. Tried several times to pick up turnover from about mile three on, but had a hitch in my stride this morning. Would end up in a "gallop", and have to ease back on effort. As predicted, got a blister and started to feel it around five miles. Run under the Splitmaster Arch at 42:21. Forgot to set my autolap and didn't get my individual mile splits. Sure they were negative. First OA. AR comes in at 44:54 and collapses in a heap. 3rd OA in at 45:00 flat.

On the backside of 57 and closer to 58 now. Probably not going to run a 10K much faster than this anymore. Perfect conditions and rabbit or two to chase and should be able to still crack 42:00...but maybe not by much. 5K OA Winner won it with a 21:00 flat. F - 30:03. HM OA Winner a 1:40:20. F - 1:50:01. Think I would have won any of the races this morning, so should probably feel pretty good at where I'm at.