Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

2.80 km13:12.674:44Carrera nocturna de Colombres8/14/2013View Race
3.80 km18:264:52Llanes8/13/2017View Race
4.82 km23:29.864:53Leguas nocturnas Alcobendas6/14/2013View Race
5.00 km28:105:38Menudos Corazones 5 km5/19/2013View Race
5.31 km27:165:09Quijorna9/29/2018View Race
5.67 km38:036:43Legua Titulcia6/24/2012View Race
5.80 km29:10.315:02Cross Salvad el Pinar de la Elipa11/28/2010View Race
6.00 km28:284:45Carrera de las Empresas12/20/2009View Race
7.00 km33:594:52Cross Móstoles El Soto6/23/2012View Race
7.70 km39:08.505:05I Energizer Night Race4/14/2012View Race
8.79 km59:256:46San Silvestre Trail Pedrezuela12/26/2015View Race
9.60 km49:385:11Leguas nocturnas Alcobendas6/22/2012View Race
9.85 km50:275:08Trofeo Edward10/7/2018View Race
10.00 km45:21.484:33San Silvestre Getafe12/31/2011View Race
10.06 km51:105:06Getafe5/20/2017View Race
10.11 km49:224:53Getafe6/9/2018View Race
10.36 km55:355:22Alpedrete5/29/2016View Race
10.92 km1:01:175:372 leguas Chopera2/5/2017View Race
10.97 km58:505:222 leguas Chopera 20182/4/2018View Race
11.15 km54:174:53Dos Leguas Fuente de la Chopera2/7/2010View Race
12.10 km1:04:28.545:20Carrera de Montaña Soto del Real9/29/2013View Race
14.50 km1:27:196:02Carrera popular de Cerceda8/25/2011View Race
15.00 km1:58:397:55Patones Xtrem2/23/2014View Race
17.00 km2:05:207:23Trail Moralzarzal11/23/2013View Race
18.00 km2:00:536:43SS Trail Pedrezuela12/28/2013View Race
20.54 km1:53:385:32Media Maraton Ciudad Universitaria3/13/2016View Race
21.00 km3:36:1310:18Cross Cuerda Larga10/19/2014View Race
Half Marathon1:43:35.994:55Media Maraton Getafe1/22/2012View Race
21.17 km1:52:325:19Media Maraton Getafe - 20181/28/2018View Race
21.70 km2:54:598:04Media Somosierra 201710/8/2017View Race
21.90 km4:07:4311:19Mataelpino 20183/11/2018View Race
22.00 km2:58:128:06Media Maraton Montaña Somosierra10/23/2011View Race
22.70 km2:30:286:38Trail Serrucho1/19/2014View Race
24.66 km3:20:498:09Tactika Trail Lozoyuela5/6/2018View Race
43.47 km8:04:5011:10Maraton MUT9/25/2016View Race
45.00 km8:43:0011:38MAM6/8/2014View Race