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    Thank you for this new feature! Now, I don't need my Excel-Plan - I'm really happy about this!!!


    It would be nice if you build in the calender-display the compare (sum per week) between the plan and the real workouts!


    Thank you! I hope you understand me, sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany.


      nice work, and yes, I'm way due donating but I'm putting it into my next budget!   Any chance we can get tomorrow's workouts emailed to us?  :-)



      eric :)

        Well, I entered a bunch of data in starting on July 3 (tomorrow) and extending for 18 weeks. Then I clicked "save" and went to my calendar. All my data was moved up a week so that, for example, what I entered on July 4 was now on July 11. For some reason what I entered on July 3 was gone. Everything was blank between today and July 11. So I went back to edit the training plan, shifted the dates (which now said that my plan started July 10, although no data was entered on that date) so that the plan started on July 3 and ended on Oct. 30. I clicked save and went to my calendar again, but it still started on July 11, as before. I may have done this twice before attempting to shift the dates again resulted somehow in my plan becoming 19 weeks, so that it started on July 3 and extended until Nov. 6, as if I had extended it forward a week instead of shifting it. But still, when I went to my calendar, the data I entered began on July 11.


        As I wrote in my previous entry, I finally got things right by shifting each week one by one. No idea what the problem was before that.


        Thanks for your help. Frustrating kinks aside, this is much better than using Google calendar for all this, as I had been.


        I fixed the problem, I hope.  It is probably the same issue Ennay reported.  Without going into the details, it has to do with the day of the week and how it affects the storing of the data.  Anyway, give it a try now and let me know if it's still cause problems.

          Awesome.  Add my vote for iCal format support.  I currently have my training plans in Google Calendar so I can see them along side my other schedules.  With iCal support I could display my RA plan in Google Calendar too.

            I love it!

            "This is my approach as both athlete and coach: (quoting Steve Magness) Even if the training is perfect, if you don't buy into it, you will not run fast.  Chase Consistency, Not Perfection."  Neely Spence Gracey


            not bad for mile 25

              I love this new feature. I just made a numerically symmetrical training plan for my next marathon with ease. Sure, I won't stick to it, but that's not your fault. Great job, eric, and thanks!


              Feature request - it should make us stick to our plans!  (Technical details left to the programmer.)


                Feature request - I was hoping that you could make sure that if we use the training plan widget on the front page to "check off" workouts that things like equipment get carried over. It is minor but an extra step that is already included in the normal addition of workouts.


                Thanks for this great new feature!


                  I just migrated my plan from Excel.


                  No issues or problems.  The copying weeks was a nice feature for building out a longer plan (mine is 16 weeks).


                    For sharing with friends it would be nice to be able to have a private link of sorts so that only those you give the link could see your plan to copy it. Even better would be a feature to enable you to directly share a calendar with an individual user, maybe have some sort of message when they log in saying "so-and-so would like to share this training plan with you" and some way to accept it.


                    Like many others, though, I'm overjoyed with this new feature!!




                      Thanks for the training plan!  Very cool.  I'm both excited and nervous about going completely paperless with my training plan.


                      I think I noticed a bug, but it could be me.  I can't see the mileage summary in my training plan.  The calendar cuts off the summary column and I can only see the first digit of the total mileage for the week.  But, I can see my total mileage for the week in the main Calendar view just fine.  Is something making the width of the columns different?  I can always zoom in to see it when I'm creating the plan, but thought I'd run it by you.  And, it prints out fine.  If it helps, I'm using IE8 on a netbook.




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                        Very cool. Just put my current training plan in. I love that my calendar now shows on the individual days what my plan said and what my actual workout is. Hopefully they aren't different too often. I didn't use the calendar before, only the quick view on the summary page, but I will now. Smile

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                          Wow, thank you for the new feature. I've been using Google Docs and I can't wait to try it out.





                          The shirtless wonder

                            This probably won't be added because if I create something for iCal, then someone else would want the same for some other calendar.  Where does it end?


                             iCal is a standard calendar format.  If you supported iCal you'd be done.  Just because it starts with "i" doesn't make it an Apple thing!


                               iCal is a standard calendar format.  If you supported iCal you'd be done.  Just because it starts with "i" doesn't make it an Apple thing!


                              Please don't exclaim! at eric Smile

                              He's a tweaking creative genius and deserves only respect and gratitude.

                              Thanks for all your hard work eric.

                              The shirtless wonder

                                Please don't exclaim! at eric Smile

                                He's a tweaking creative genius and deserves only respect and gratitude.

                                Thanks for all your hard work eric.


                                Heh.  I hope Eric knows my tone is an appreciative one.  Smile


                                In fact, if Eric made an API available I might be tempted to write an iCal exporter myself.  Smile Smile Smile  Please?