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    You've got my support either way.


    Bring on the ads.  I'll even click on them.


    All the best to you during this time of transition.


    Me too!




    One day at a time

      I agree with everyone else.  I would not have kept up running without RA.


      Good luck on going out on your own!  My husband and I did that in 1999 and have never looked back.  We hope we never have to work for anyone else again!  It's scary at times, but we were laid off several times in the 1990s, and that was worse.

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        eric Smile, best wishes with everything, congrats on the marriage to the future mrs. Smile, and I'm pretty excited to see how this site gets even better. Sounds like it's that time again to donate.


        The only suggestion I have with regard to ads is to make them integrate into your clean site design in a classy way. I think that's possible, and for my part, I pay more attention to ads when I'm not actively trying to avoid them.

           Honestly, Eric, I hate ads, but I love RunningAhead. Please create an option where I can be a paying member and avoid ads. Either way, I'm sticking with your site. Good luck!

            I haven't read through all the replies - so apologies if I'm repeating stuff that's already been said.


            I don't have a problem with ads. A paid membership to avoid the ads is a good idea, you'd probably find that many people would pay more that the likely average revenue from ads anyway... you're not going to make much per person from ads - the trick is to have lots of people to get reasonable number of click throughs.


            Presumably it'll be google adsense ads?

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              Thanks Eric for all you do!    I am one of those Master's that hardly ventures from our little group, so I was very happy that Tramps posted this link.    I had no idea that there was a place to donate and help you with all your hard work.   I guess, I , like many, probably just take this place for granted.   I cannot imagine a day without RA - I'd be lost and I'm sure my running would deteriorate.


              Thanks for all your hard work and good luck with the transition.  I am confident you will do a great job!    Now.... off to donate .....


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                Thank you Eric, for ALL that you do!!!

                Remember that doing anything well is going to take longer than you think!! ~ Masters Group

                  Hi Eric. Over 2200 responses already in one day! That must help confirm that you're making the right move. You definitely have a loyal group of RunningAhead users (myself included). Congrats on your success with the site so far! I have been faithfully using it since 2006 and look forward to continued use and whatever enhancements you bring forth.


                  I fall in the group that would be happy to pay a membership fee to not have ads displayed. Maybe you could do something similar to what does? Free with ads, $36 annual fee with no ads. I'm sure you've gotten a lot of great ideas and suggestions from people. Good luck with the transition.



                    Please make an option where we can pay to avoid ads. I'll gladly do that. Either way, good luck! I'm sticking with runningahead!


                      As everyone else here has said, you do an amazing job with this site, Eric, I hope you can make it your full time job and think advertisements are fine.


                      I'd also like to echo the idea some other people have suggested of a free version supported by advertisements and a paid member area free from ads.... and I need to make a donation to this great website today.

                      Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

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                        Just saw the announcement. Just wanted to say you have my support as well.


                        Good luck and I'm excited to see what you can do with more time on your hands!

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                          I cannot express how much I enjoy this site.

                          Thank you for the momentary joy it gives me, daily.

                          And good luck on your pending nuptials.


                            Presumably it'll be google adsense ads?


                            It may be tough to make decent money from Adsense. Directly working with advertisers to place their banner ads can be a lot more lucrative, but involves the much more effort.

                            The process is the goal.

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                              Eric, do whatever you need to to keep the site've got my support, all the way from South Africa...

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                                You've got my support either way.


                                Bring on the ads.  I'll even click on them.


                                All the best to you during this time of transition.



                                And thanks for the reminder to make my annual donation. Got side tracked this past Dec. by retirement and other goings on. Because I love this site so much and think it is much more beneficial to me than a Runner's World subscription I doubled my normal donation which was many times an RW subscription anyway.


                                Keep up the good work. 

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