Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.00 mi4:39.404:40An Old Race Result6/18/2006View Race
2.50 km9:04.035:51Longfellow Frostbite 2.5k2/16/2020View Race
3.00 km9:38.715:11An Old Race Result2/21/2000View Race
3.00 mi17:125:44Genesee Valley Park - Rochester, NY10/3/1998View Race
5.00 km16:275:18Dan Cardillo9/14/2008View Race
3.17 mi18:445:55Back Cove7/16/2014View Race
3.50 mi35:39.2510:12Bradbury Squall1/23/2011View Race
3.80 mi27:067:08Wicked Creepy Halloween Trail Run10/31/2008View Race
4.00 mi21:595:30Bridgton 4 on the 4th7/4/2009View Race
4.50 mi29:246:32January Thaw 4.51/26/2020View Race
4.75 mi27:575:54Manchester Road Race11/25/1999View Race
8.00 km27:095:28An Old Race Result11/13/1999View Race
5.00 mi27:505:34An Old Race Result11/6/1999View Race
5.06 mi40:36.308:02Nomad Trail Running Series6/9/2016View Race
8.50 km35:42.656:46Nomad Trail Running Series5/29/2014View Race
6.00 mi39:29.176:35Bradbury Mountain7/11/2010View Race
10.00 km34:08.105:30Beach to Beacon 10k8/2/2008View Race
12.00 km51:066:52Bloomsday5/4/2014View Race
12.50 km1:01:34.117:56Farm to Farm Ultra (virtual)11/14/2021View Race
7.80 mi1:30:0011:33'Til We Meet in Hell11/21/2021View Race
9.00 mi1:07:287:30Bradbury Mountain Breaker8/8/2010View Race
10.00 mi57:585:48Cape Elizabeth Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler2/3/2008View Race
12.00 mi1:28:14.857:22Bradbury Bruiser9/12/2010View Race
12.08 mi1:35:27.467:55Bradbury Bruiser9/13/2015View Race
13.00 mi1:47:588:19Race Through the Woods9/24/2022View Race
Half Marathon1:16:315:51New Bedford Half Marathon3/16/2008View Race
25.00 km1:48:236:59Pineland Farms5/30/2010View Race
20.00 mi2:04:506:15Eastern States 20 Miler3/25/2007View Race
Marathon2:43:276:15Cox Sports Marathon5/4/2008View Race
27.93 mi5:36:14.3812:03Ultra Extreme Bradbury Bad Ass5/17/2013View Race
30.00 mi5:44:40.0811:30TARC Spring Thaw 6 Hour3/24/2013View Race
50.00 km3:51:557:28Pineland Farms5/24/2009View Race
38.50 mi6:24:2410:00Ghost Town 38.51/16/2011View Race
50.00 mi7:47:26.819:21Running From an Angel1/3/2009View Race