Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

800.00 m2:45.725:34Track 800m Time Trial5/20/2013View Race
1500.00 m5:32.115:57Track 1500m Time Trial5/6/2013View Race
1.00 mi5:29.085:30The Dam Mile5/14/2014View Race
2.50 km9:406:14GRC River Relay7/25/2015View Race
2.70 km10:12.106:05GRC River Relay7/23/2016View Race
2.50 mi16:126:29Zilker Relay9/5/2014View Race
2.85 mi19:30.436:51Running The Rock 5k4/13/2014View Race
5.00 km19:00.306:08Castaway Cay 5k5/29/2016View Race
4.15 mi28:45.816:56TIR Leg 114/2/2016View Race
4.74 mi32:14.186:49TIR Leg 244/3/2016View Race
4.90 mi31:32.396:27Georgetown Turkey Trot11/23/2017View Race
5.00 mi33:15.146:40Georgetown Turkey Trot11/27/2014View Race
10.00 km40:47.406:34Sunshine Run 10K5/7/2017View Race
6.40 mi56:29.738:50Mosaic Trail 10k12/2/2017View Race
6.57 mi46:35.587:06TIR Leg 294/3/2016View Race
10.00 mi1:11:28.207:096.35 mi BCLP <-> TW YMCA2/5/2016View Race
10.09 mi1:12:56.307:146.35 mi BCLP <-> TW YMCA3/6/2015View Race
12.78 mi2:14:20.0310:31Paleface Trail HM5/7/2016View Race
Half Marathon1:27:536:43Yosemite Half Marathon10/10/2015View Race
30.00 km2:25:47.697:5013.3 mi BCRT round trip4/20/2014View Race
38.00 km3:05:11.307:51Frankenthon9/28/2014View Race
Marathon3:17:42.637:33BQ or Bust5/21/2017View Race
30.90 mi5:19:47.9210:21Hells Hills 50K Trail4/1/2017View Race
31.79 mi6:18:0011:54Bandera 50k1/7/2017View Race
32.59 mi7:17:26.5113:26Alamo City Ultra 50k9/1/2018View Race
50.00 mi10:33:0512:40Rocky Raccoon 502/7/2015View Race
52.00 mi11:29:13.1813:16Ultracentric 12 Hours11/23/2013View Race
96.00 km11:56:36.1012:01Run Like the Wind 12h12/6/2014View Race
65.00 mi14:06:51.9513:02Jackalope Jam11/12/2016View Race
75.00 mi19:25:43.4215:33Habanero 100 20168/20/2016View Race