Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

200.00 m0:31.174:11Los Gatos HS Track6/24/2010View Race
400.00 m1:07.574:32Los Gatos HS Track6/24/2010View Race
800.00 m2:295:00Los Gatos HS Track6/17/2010View Race
1500.00 m4:555:17Los Gatos HS Track8/5/2010View Race
1.00 mi5:245:24San Rafael Mile6/5/2011View Race
3000.00 m11:045:57WVJS - 800/1500/3000 Day6/11/2011View Race
2.00 mi11:365:48Los Gatos HS Track7/29/2010View Race
2.75 mi16:215:57WVJS - DSF4/13/2013View Race
3.00 mi21:51.107:18WVJS - Valle Vista9/28/2019View Race
5.00 km17:545:46Race for the Arts 5K8/25/2012View Race
3.54 mi24:386:58WVJS - Farwell11/16/2019View Race
4.00 mi23:596:00Great Race4/28/2013View Race
4.68 mi33:40.747:12WVJS - Farwell Horseshoe11/2/2019View Race
4.74 mi34:57.417:23WVJS - Triangle10/12/2019View Race
8.00 km30:516:13Shriners 8K 20096/20/2009View Race
5.74 mi44:00.687:41WVJS - Short Six6/1/2019View Race
10.00 km37:246:02Marin Memorial Day 10K5/27/2013View Race
12.00 km46:166:13Across the Bay 12K (2012+ Course)3/17/2013View Race
10.00 mi1:02:186:14Sactown 104/7/2013View Race
Half Marathon1:22:486:19Clarksburg Country Run11/14/2010View Race
30.00 km2:02:396:35Clarksburg Country Run 30K11/8/2009View Race
Marathon2:54:076:39Cal International Marathon12/4/2011View Race
50.00 km4:57:089:34Woodside Trail 50K12/27/2015View Race