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Equipment ▲PriceDistanceEfficiencyStatusActions
Altra Olympus (Grey and Orange)$95.001408 km$0.07 / kmActiveView entry
Altra Superior 1.5 (Blue)$70.00396 km$0.18 / kmRetiredView entry
Brooks caldera (Red)$149.001144 km$0.13 / kmActiveView entry
Brooks Cascacdia 10 (Grey and Green)$89.00720 km$0.12 / kmRetiredView entry
Brooks Cascacdia 11 (Blue and Green)$147.001326 km$0.11 / kmRetiredView entry
Brooks Cascacdia 7 (Orange and Grey)$85.001328 km$0.06 / kmRetiredView entry
Brooks Cascacdia 8 (Red)$80.001394 km$0.06 / kmRetiredView entry
Brooks Cascadia 13 (Oragne Grey)$79.991064 km$0.08 / kmActiveView entry
Brooks Pure Cadence 4 (Blue)$79.001144 km$0.07 / kmActiveView entry
Brooks Pure Grit 7 (Oragne Grey)$71.99849 km$0.09 / kmRetiredView entry
Brooks PureCadence 1 (Green)$65.001407 km$0.05 / kmRetiredView entry
Brooks PureCadence 5 (Grey)$94.501136 km$0.08 / kmActiveView entry
Brooks PureFlow 2 (Black)$70.0010 km$7.00 / kmActiveView entry
Brooks PureGrit (Orange)$139.001063 km$0.13 / kmRetiredView entry
Hoka Arahi (Black and White)$85.001617 km$0.05 / kmActiveView entry
Hoka Bondi 3 (Blue)$180.002196 km$0.08 / kmRetiredView entry
Hoka Infinite (Blue and Green)$73.002027 km$0.04 / kmActiveView entry
Nike Air Zoom Fly SP (Gray)$55.001257 km$0.04 / kmActiveView entry
Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra (From Andrew) 787 km RetiredView entry
Salomon Snowcross (Red and Black)$75.00106 km$0.71 / kmActiveView entry
Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate (White)$85.00486 km$0.18 / kmActiveView entry
Salomon X-Scream 3D (Green and Red)$32.50724 km$0.05 / kmActiveView entry
Salomon XT Wings 2 (Orange)$75.001286 km$0.06 / kmRetiredView entry
Salomon XT Wings S LAB 2 (Red)$100.00789 km$0.13 / kmRetiredView entry
Saucony Breakthru 4 (Blue)$65.00723 km$0.09 / kmActiveView entry
Saucony Endorphin Speed (Black)$200.00929 km$0.22 / kmActiveView entry
Saucony Fast Witch 5 (2nd Pair)$69.001191 km$0.06 / kmRetiredView entry
Saucony Fastwitch 5 (White)$120.00983 km$0.12 / kmRetiredView entry
Saucony Fastwitch 6 (Blue and Yellow)$85.001157 km$0.07 / kmActiveView entry
Saucony Fastwitch 8 (Black)$64.501190 km$0.05 / kmActiveView entry